Dru It Yourself: How To Simply Measure Your Hip-Width for Yoga

Measuring feet so they are hip-width apart for yoga and comfortable standing in daily life

Two easy ways to get your feet hip-width apart.

Hip-width apart feet is the basis of Mountain Posture, an incredibly comfortable standing position for yoga and daily life.

How to simply measure hip-width part for yoga and daily life

In Dru Yoga we put the feet hip-width apart for Mountain Pose (Tadasana) as this lets the joints, muscles and organs of the body sit in a comfortable position. It’s great for yoga but also for daily life as it can help to relieve strain on the lower back and knees.

Looking down at feet in yoga toe socks

Why hip-width?

All standing poses and sequences in Dru Yoga start from Mountain Pose and we frequently return to it throughout our practice. Knowing how to quickly put your feet hip-width apart is really useful. In time you will be able to do it naturally as you’ll get a feel for how the feet should be positioned. But when you first start you will want to measure.

How to measure hip-width apart

1: Bend forward, bending your knees. Make soft fists with both hands and place them between your feet, so the feet fit neatly on either side of your fists. Your feet should be as parallel as you can comfortably make them.

2: From standing make a fist with one hand. Close one eye and hang the fist down in front of your body. With the one eye closed move the feet, so they fit evenly on either side of your fist. The first time you do this you can check it by bending forward (with bent knees). See if the two fists feet neatly, as above. This is a great way to quickly check hip-width without needing to bend down.

You are now ready for the Mountain Pose.

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