Online Yoga

Online yoga honouring all body shapes, sizes & genders

All Lucyoga classes are now held online. I have three ways to access my yoga sessions, depending on what suits you best.

All live classes are offered on a sliding price scale and I openly offer the Lift Up no-cost yoga pass for ALL my online yoga options, full details at the bottom of the page.

**Important note: I am currently only offering Online Yoga: On-Demand*

online yoga live, recorded and on-demand from Lucyoga

Online Yoga: ON-DEMAND

A package of classes available on a monthly subscription. Example package

  • Morning Gentle Wake Up Yoga (10-minutes)
  • Short lunchtime Reset (10-minutes)
  • Evening Wind-down for Better Sleep (15-minutes)
  • Yin Yoga for Calming Anger and Stress (22-minutes)
  • The Healthy Back Sequence (20-minutes)⁠
  • Full-length yoga classes with the option to tailor your practice style and length with chapters (75-minutes)

Monthly subscription packages available now!

Yoga in your pocket for just 50p a day

Online Yoga: LIVE

**Important note: I am currently only offering Online Yoga: On-Demand*

You can choose between:

  • Weekly Yoga Club classes live on Zoom on a Monday morning 9:30 am OR as a recording sent to you by email
  • Drop-in classes every other Saturday morning live on Zoom


Weekly Yoga Club is paid in blocks of 6 or 8 weeks and costs £7.50 per class – payment plans and sliding scale pricing available on request.

My Online Yoga: LIVE and On-Demand subscriptions all offer SUPPORTER, ESSENTIAL, COMMUNITY and LIFT UP pricing. See below for more details.

Online Yoga: RECORDED

**Important note: I am currently only offering Online Yoga: On-Demand*

A recording of the most recent class I taught on Zoom. Recorded classes are available for 14 days from when the class was first taught.

If you’d like to have more time with the recordings, check out my monthly On-Demand package.

Friendly yoga

Lucyoga sessions are open to all levels of experience and all bodies. This is a fat-friendly, brave space and all shapes, sizes and genders are welcome. So whether you are totally new to yoga or have been practising for years you are welcome.

Changes for life

By helping you to make simple changes yoga can have a positive impact throughout your life, improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Activist Yoga Business

Activism is at the heart of Lucyoga. My activism is primarily in climate action, anti-racism, body acceptance and Queer and Trans inclusion. Yoga is both a space to create change and an opportunity for us all to build resilience. Be part of it.

Have a healthy back

Back problems? I specialise in helping people with back pain. You are welcome to join general classes, or why not try some 1-2-1 sessions with me?

Experienced teacher

I share Dru Yoga, a school of yoga which I've been training with for many years. I also work with other yoga traditions, Reiki and Plant Spirit Healing. These tools offer a rich variety of ways to navigate the world and our own bodies.

Have more energy

If you struggle with energy levels, chronic pain and recurrent ill-health you are welcome at my classes. I can work with you to boost your vitality and resilience.

Supporter, Essential, Community and Lift Up pricing

I strive for Lucyoga to be an inclusive space for all bodies and have created a pricing structure that I hope will enable more people to access yoga.


These rates reflect the cost of delivering my yoga to you. The SUPPORTER allows me to offer the COMMUNITY and LIFT UP rates. This means that by selecting this option you are enabling others to access yoga.

COMMUNITY AND LIFT UP might be for you if you are struggling financially or are in a precarious financial position; you feel unsure about attending because you have a larger body; you are Black or a non-Black person of colour; you have a disability; are Queer or Trans; you don’t know if you can use the subscription enough due to your work or caring commitments.

I encourage you to select this if you need it. It is not only there for financial assistance but just as much for encouragement and openness that this is a space that welcomes you.

I offer all my pricing options trustingly and no questions will be asked.