Online Yoga

Online yoga honouring all body shapes, sizes & genders

All Lucyoga classes are now held online. I have three ways to access my yoga sessions, depending on what suits you best.

All live classes are offered on a sliding price scale and I openly offer the Lift Up no-cost yoga pass.

Lucyoga is a safe space for all bodies and I invite you to use the Lift-Up pass if; you are struggling financially or are in a precarious financial position; you feel that your larger body isn’t usually welcome in yoga spaces; you are black or brown bodied, Queer or Trans and feel your identity isn’t represented in yoga.

The Lift-Up pass is available for ALL my online yoga options, full details at the bottom of the page.

online yoga live, recorded and on-demand from Lucyoga

Online Yoga: ON-DEMAND

A package of classes available on a monthly subscription. For August 2020 I am trialling this offer and it is JUST £10 for a whole month of access to:

  • Two 75-minute yoga classes suitable for mornings/daytime⁠
  • Two 75-minute yoga classes most suitable for evenings, but can be practised anytime⁠
  • Find Your Inner Fire: 70s Rock Yoga with Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who… (45-minutes)⁠
  • The Healthy Back Sequence (20-minutes)⁠
  • Short Relaxation (10-minutes)⁠

Buy now for £10 and get UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the above until 7 September.

The On-Demand package uses a very simple click-on-a-link system, so there is nothing to download

Online Yoga: RECORDED

A recording of the most recent class I taught on Zoom. In this class we have a good boogie to some disco tunes, and then practise some Dru Yoga classics – the Earth Sequence, Moon Sequence and Tree of Transformation.

Buy it when you wish to practice and away you go.

Buy now for £7 and use it as often as you like until 30 September

Once purchased you'll receive a link to access the recording online

Online Yoga: LIVE

You can choose between:

  • Weekly classes live on Zoom on a Monday morning 9:30 am OR as a recording sent to you by email
  • Drop-in classes every other Saturday morning live on Zoom

Book your spot for Online Yoga: LIVE now

Choose a weekly Monday class paid in blocks or a drop-in class on Saturdays

Friendly yoga

Lucyoga sessions are open to all levels of experience and all bodies. This is a safe, body-positive space for all shapes, sizes and genders. So whether you are totally new to yoga or have been practising for years you are welcome.

Changes for life

By helping you to make simple changes yoga can have a positive impact throughout your life, improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Activist Yoga Business

Activism is at the heart of Lucyoga. Taking steps, small and big, to bring awareness and action to climate change, anti-racism and Queer and Trans inclusion is fundamental to all that I do. Yoga is both a space to create change and an opportunity for us all to build resilience.

Have a healthy back

Back problems? I specialise in helping people with back pain. You are welcome to join general classes, or why not try some 1-2-1 sessions with me?

Experienced teacher

I share Dru Yoga, a school of yoga which I've been training with for many years. I also work with other yoga traditions, Reiki and Plant Spirit Healing. These tools offer a rich variety of ways to navigate the world and our own bodies.

Have more energy

If you struggle with energy levels, chronic pain and recurrent ill-health you are welcome at my classes. I can work with you to boost your vitality and resilience.

The 'Lift-Up' no-cost pass for Lucyoga Online Yoga: LIVE, RECORDED and ON-DEMAND.

If things are tough financially you are still very welcome to join my online classes. If you don’t see yourself represented in the yoga world you are still very welcome to join my online classes.

  • This is for you if you don’t prioritise your own wellness because you are making sure everyone and everything else in your life is sorted out first.
  • This is for you if things have changed and you can no longer pay for yoga classes that you have previously valued in your life.
  • This is for you if yoga hasn’t seemed like the kind of thing that you should/could/would do, but you’re curious, maybe it will help?

All I ask is that you only select this if it applies to you. I am offering it on a trust basis and no questions will be asked. In solidarity.

To use the pass simply enter LIFTUPAUGUST20 when purchasing a RECORDED class or the ON-DEMAND package, or choose the Lift-Up pass from the options for a LIVE class.

A gif animation of the Lift Up no cost yoga pass for Lucyoga