Lucyoga On-Demand

Online yoga honouring all body shapes, sizes & genders

Online Yoga: On-Demand. Image shows a living space set up to do yoga with a mat and blanket and furniture pushed aside.

Welcome to Lucyoga On-Demand

Lucyoga On-Demand is a monthly subscription to recorded yoga sessions accessed via my website and available 24/7.

**Important note: I am currently working at reduced capacity to recover from Covid-19. On-Demand Membership is still available, for FREE. The videos will update once I am well enough.**

Choose from

  • Quick fix 10-minute yoga sessions 
  • Short yoga classes to keep you moving at home
  • Full-length classes

Because your body and experience are unique every Lucyoga On-Demand session is created to be a gentle guide through a nurturing and supportive yoga practice.

This is inclusive and accessible yoga, fully instructed and set to excellent music.

As your yoga teacher, I encourage you to keep in touch with me about your yoga practice through email, phone or my members-only Facebook group. I read every member’s subscription form and include postures and sequences for YOU.

So whether you’ve never unrolled a yoga mat in your life or you’ve been practising for years, there’s something here for you. This is Lucyoga and YOU are welcome.

Here is an idea of what you will receive. It will change each month to suit the time of year and what is happening in the world:

Sample Lucyoga On-Demand Monthly Package

  • Morning Gentle Wake Up Yoga (10-minutes)
  • Short lunchtime Reset (10-minutes)
  • Evening Wind-down for Better Sleep (15-minutes)
  • Yin Yoga for Calming Anger and Stress (22-minutes)
  • The Healthy Back Sequence (20-minutes)⁠
  • Full-length yoga classes with the option to tailor your practice style and length with chapters (75-minutes)

*All my full-length classes are split into ‘chapters’ so you can practice them in segments if this is more suitable for you. For example:

  • If you don’t have much time you could use the Activations and Dru Yoga sequence chapters to create a shorter more upbeat practice.
  • If you are suffering from Long Covid, ME or CFS you might wish to only practice the Yin Yoga and Deep Relaxation chapters to create a more gentle and fatigue-friendly yoga session

Details and guidance on how to structure your yoga practice for your specific needs using the chapters will be shared with each class and you are encouraged to email/message me for a personal chat.

Lucyoga On-Demand
£20, £15, £10 or £0
1 month
Variable pricing to suit you
10 and 15-minute yoga sessions
Full-length yoga classes
Exclusive interactive features to allow you to structure your own yoga practice
Option to email or phone me to discuss your yoga practice and ask questions
New programme of classes and quick fix sessions each month
Accessible and welcoming for all levels of experience
Inclusive language and yoga for all bodies and genders
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Lucyoga On-Demand PLUS

On-Demand with the added bonus of FREE live classes delivered via Zoom.

Classes are delivered bi-monthly on Saturday mornings 10 – 11:15 am.

Why choose this package?

  • Having access to live classes keeps you motivated and connected to your practice. There is a sense of community and you get to see and speak to others in the class at the start and end of each session.
  • By joining me live I can see and guide you gently into a practice that both soothes and challenges you.
  • If you struggle to make time for yoga I strongly encourage including live classes in your package as this gives a focus and structure to your practice each month.

See my timetable for the upcoming Online Yoga: LIVE sessions. Live classes MUST be pre-booked so that you can receive the Zoom link.

Lucyoga On-Demand PLUS
£25, £20, £15 or £0
1 month
Everything in the On-Demand package, PLUS...
Two FREE Online Yoga: Live classes per month
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  • SUPPORTER: £20 (ON-DEMAND) / £25 (PLUS)
  • ESSENTIAL: £15 (ON-DEMAND) /£20 (PLUS)
  • COMMUNITY: £10 (ON-DEMAND) /£15 (PLUS)
  • LIFT UP: £0 


These rates reflect the cost of delivering my yoga to you. The SUPPORTER allows me to offer the COMMUNITY and LIFT UP rates. This means that by selecting this option you are enabling others to access yoga.

COMMUNITY AND LIFT UP might be for you if you are struggling financially or are in a precarious financial position; you feel unsure about attending because you have a larger body; you are Black or a non-Black person of colour; you have a disability; are Queer or Trans; you don’t know if you can use the subscription enough due to your work or caring commitments.

I encourage you to select this if you need it. It is not only there for financial assistance but just as much for encouragement and openness that this is a space that welcomes you.

I offer all my pricing options trustingly and no questions will be asked.

The videos were really engaging and it felt like I was in a real class. I liked having a variety of classes that I could use to suit what I needed on a particular day. Even if I only had a few minutes, there was a video I could use

Really helped me get through August with positivity, a really tough month for me in terms of going backwards with 'long Covid'. It has been central to me feeling in control of gradually improving my strength and stamina. Thank you, thank you.

I really like the idea of the on demand it is brilliant and so useful for me to fit it in when working full time.

I really liked the flexibility that came with the subscription and the range of classes that were available. I think it will encourage me to try yoga in new ways (more often but shorter sessions) and at new times (mornings). I really like the focus on particular issues so I can pick a class that suits what’s going on in my life.

I was just glad to be able to do some yoga again and all the benefits that brings. I liked having a selection of different lengths and types. It was great to have a choice and be able to fit in where and when I could.

Thank you so much for this. Knowing that it was there, even though I haven't been able to use it nearly as much as I would have liked, has been an invaluable source of warmth and comfort.

Lucyoga On-Demand
£20, £15, £10 or £0
1 month
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Lucyoga On-Demand PLUS
£25, £20, £15 or £0
1 month
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Have more questions? Here are some answers...

How does the Lucyoga On-Demand Package work?

Once you have purchased your membership via TeamUp you will receive an email with all the details on how to access the On-Demand videos.

All videos are accessed via my website and are hosted using a service called Vimeo (you don’t need to download anything). You will need a password to watch them, which you will receive via your joining email.

Membership is on a rolling monthly basis, but you can cancel anytime.

You will receive a new password on the 11th of each month for as long as your membership is valid.

It is VERY important that the email address you enter is correct. If you enter an incorrect email you won’t receive the instructions for accessing the package.

If you think you may have signed up using an incorrect email address please contact me on so I can rectify this for you.

I'm joining part way through the month, is that OK?

Of course. Membership is pro-rated if you join partway through the month and then renews on the 11th of the following month at full price.

How do I access the free live classes in the PLUS package?

The PLUS package comes with access to my Online Yoga: LIVE classes but you MUST book your place.

Your membership automatically entitles you to book for free on any of the Saturday morning classes, as long as your membership is still valid at the time the class occurs.

Book your class via the timetable and you will be sent the joining instructions for the class by email.

Can I still come to LIVE classes if I don't take the PLUS package?

Yes absolutely.

Simply book and pay for your class via the timetable and you will be sent the joining instructions for the class by email.

How do I cancel my On-Demand package?

I’m sorry that you’re thinking of cancelling but totally appreciate things change, so I’ve made cancelling as easy as possible for you.

Simply go to your TeamUp account and cancel the membership. How to do that is shown here, in this handy support page:

Your membership will remain active until the end of the month you have paid for, and then after that, you won’t be charged any more.

If you have any questions about cancelling or wish me to do it for you, please do not hesitate to contact me on, I’m really happy to help.

I have a different question!

Please do get in touch. Email me on