Yoga won’t fix this, so what will?

A sign in a shop window says 'Dear customer, Thank you for your support during this time. I am now having to shut. Please stay safe everyone. Much appreciation.' And a closed sign hangs below it.

Lockdown, Circuit Breaker, Tiers, Electoral Colleges, Furlough. None of those words were on the tip of my tongue this time last year. Yet I am pretty sure they all featured in my dreams last night.

You don’t need me to tell you how difficult things are. How challenging to navigate our personal and political selves in the midst of a world that looks very different to the one we have lived in up to this point.

It’s confusing, overwhelming. 

People are grasping for answers, floundering in conspiracy theories, feeling unheard and abandoned. 

The inequalities and inequities of our deeply racist societies are being laid bare by American politics but are all too real here in the UK as well. Deep down we know that even if Trump goes, the rot that he represents prospers on.

Climate change is pressing on, regardless of our human dilemmas and predicaments

Yoga won’t fix this.
But YOU can. 

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News on re-opening and introducing Yin Yoga

A man wears running shoes on one foot with leggings and Yoda slippers and pyjamas on the other

How are you doing? Some days (most days) when a friend pops this message over, I am not sure what the answer is! The truth is that I’ve never been here before, this feels like pretty much all new territory, so my brain is trying to navigate a LOT, and that’s tiring. 

Re-opening of gyms and yoga studios

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Your yoga stays the same

A gif animation of the Lift Up no cost yoga pass for Lucyoga

As most of the UK adopts a series of lockdown easing measures I cannot say how this will impact you or your loved ones. This is because one thing I do know is that we are all experiencing this new reality very differently.

But we have something that stays constant, that anchors us, and unites us as a community. Yoga.

In those moments when we meet online, whether it be a live class or a recording, we are sharing something that will help us through. That will strengthen us. That will soften us. That will remind us of the ‘…astonishing light of our own being” (Hafiz).

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Lucy practicing a Reverse Warrior outside

This weekend (20/21 June) marks the Summer Solstice; the longest day, and the shortest night, of the year. It’s a time when the sun’s energy is high, and it’s a great time to work on our own energy levels.

Marking the natural cycles of the Earth is also a really helpful way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety about change in our lives. When we are facing as much uncertainty as we are right now, we can rely on the Earth to keep turning and the seasons to show us that the natural rhythms and cycles are still there.

Dru It Yourself Bite Size: Short Relaxation

One of the important parts of honouring natural rhythms and cycles is to take time to relax. I have created a new Dru It Yourself Bite Size video to help you do just that!

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Yoga and Black Lives Matter: Reflections, Resources and Yoga

Woman sitting surrounded by flowers at a Black Lives Matter protest

I am writing this at the end of a week that has turned my world upside down. Maybe it has turned yours too. Actually, I hope it has because the effect of the Black Lives Matter movement and the acceleration in awareness that has been achieved this week should be turning everything on its head.

I have invested a lot of time and energy in creating safe spaces in my yoga classes. But I turned my gaze away, couldn’t quite look at, the issue of race, of colonialisation, of white privilege in yoga.

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Staying online…

Lucy sat on a grassy hill with hands in the air

Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ online, stayin’ online
Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ on-li-i-i-ine….

Is it only me that hears the squeaky tones of the Bee Gees when I say I’m staying online? Maybe not now I’ve given you the earworm too… ?

So that is the big news today. I am staying online, but now with a regular timetable. 

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Kindness (to ourselves) Matters

Woman looking out to sea

Sitting and looking out to sea is high up on my list of self-care activities. For me, this is what kindness to myself looks like. What does it look like to you? What would soothe your soul right now?

Mental Health Awareness Week

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (18 – 24 May 2020) comes right in the middle of one of the greatest challenges to everyone’s mental health that has occurred in my lifetime. The theme this year is Kindness and it struck me that right now, in this very strangest of times, that kindness really needs to be focused on ourselves.

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Practical and mindful advice to cope with COVID-19

Well, we certainly are living in strange times. And for many of us, there is a lot of concern and fear around the current situation with COVID-19, also referred to as Coronavirus. 

Health and wellness are at the core of Lucyoga. So I wanted to reach out to all of you with some practical and mindful information about how Lucyoga is approaching COVID-19.

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Review: Moon Journal 2020

The Moon Journal 2020: A Lunar Meditation Companion by Ingvild Skodvin Pretegård

As a yoga teacher, a Plant Spirit Healer and Reiki practitioner it would be fair to assume that journalling is a comfortable and well-used tool for me. But actually it isn’t! 

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DIY Yoga Bolster (zero waste, with no sewing and 100% recycled materials!)

A homemade zero waste yoga bolster next to a shop bought version

My yoga bolster is my favourite piece of yoga equipment. I adore it. It gets used every single day for simple restorative yoga postures and meditation. And in the winter it doubles up as a draft excluder – I have a small house, I have to be practical ?!

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