Staying online…

Lucy sat on a grassy hill with hands in the air

Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ online, stayin’ online
Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ on-li-i-i-ine….

Is it only me that hears the squeaky tones of the Bee Gees when I say I’m staying online? Maybe not now I’ve given you the earworm too… 😆

So that is the big news today. I am staying online, but now with a regular timetable. 

Online Yoga: LIVE

Online Yoga: LIVE classes will take place via Zoom either on Saturday mornings at 10 am OR Monday evenings at 8 pm. Classes have been scheduled up until the end of July.

Head straight to my timetable now to book. And don’t forget, all participants in the LIVE sessions get a recording to use again after.

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the online class this morning. I was a little unsure about the technology, and had no experience of Zoom, but I found it quite straightforward and the sound and vision quality were great. It was lovely to see and speak to the other class members.. good job 👏I’m looking forward to the next class”

– Alan

Online Yoga: RECORDING

Online Yoga: RECORDING is the recording (obviously!) of the live class and is available to purchase and use at a time that suits you. There will always be a recording available, so you can simply hop over to this link to buy it when you are ready to practice.

“Oh my [the recorded class] was great, it was everything I needed to ease my anxiety and give grounding and more confidence in the current climate… Thank you for the recordings recently, it makes it possible for me to do a class again in my own time and I get to take part in your wonderful classes again. Even though recorded, I still feel I’m part of the class and always wave at the end, forgetting I’m not really there!”

– Emily

I am staying 100% online for the foreseeable future, most likely for the rest of 2020, and will definitely be continuing with online classes when I return to in-person sessions. So come and join me online, live or via a recording. 

Online Yoga Live class dates June and July 2020
Online Yoga Recorded class available now

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