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Buzz Feed

by Laura Silver

“There’s no better place to do your sun salutes than out in the morning sun, and Lucyoga has taken her tranquil classes outside and up in the air to Bold Tendencies, the rooftop space next to Frank’s in Peckham, for that very reason. Classes take place in rain or shine, and there really is nothing better than sorting out your chakras with a fresh British breeze.” Read more

Time Out

“It makes sense that sun salutations are more satisfying when you’re actually near the sun, so taking to the roof of a car park in Peckham to do yoga isn’t as far-fetched as it first sounds. And yes, it is the very same car park in Peckham that’s home to Frank’s and the Bold Tendencies sculpture project…” Read more

Time Out

“Bikram yoga. That’ll be attempting the splits in a sauna? Essentially, yes. In that case I think I’ll stick to comparatively gentle Dru Yoga, performed on a rooftop in Peckham Rye with a legendary view.” Read more…

Evening Standard

by Phoebe Luckhurst

“If you thought Peckham’s high life meant Frank’s, put down the Red Stripe and try Dru Yoga instead — a more holistic use of the multi-storey south London landmark. The sessions are running all summer during the Bold Tendencies takeover.” Read more…


By Tiffany Pritchard

“Originally based atop Peckham’s multi-storey car park, Lucyoga’s classes are now at Peckham Liberal Club, among other groovy southeast locations. Focusing on the Dru Yoga style, her classes are for people of all ages and abilities, and include flowing movements, or sequences, that she repeats with variations and themes (our particular class was appropriately branded ‘New Perspectives’).” Read more…

South London Blog

by Natalie De Luca

I was lucky enough to enjoy a Saturday morning practise up on the roof, in the Dru Yoga style, taught by Lucy…this gentler form of yoga was a lovely start to the day and I definitely came away feeling stretched and relaxed. There were modifications for most of the moves, so no need to worry if you’re not gifted with flexibility! On the day of my practise it was a misty morning, but the magic of the rooftop location still enchanted me. Read More


“Enjoy sweeping views of London during Lucyoga’s summer rooftop classes.  At £10 per class, it’s well priced for a city workout and the perfect getaway from the bustle”. Read more

100% Travel

“Zomertip! Volg een yoga-sessie op het dak van een parkeergarage. Ja, ook dat kan in Londen.  Lucy Bannister  (Lucy Yoga) is één van de initiatiefnemers en geeft iedere zaterdag in juni tot en met oktober een Dru Yoga klas op het dak van een parkeergarage in Peckham. Ideaal voor yogafanaten die binnenkort een reisje Londen hebben geboekt.” Read more

Kit Magazine

“I think living in London we forget how often we stay indoors, from homes to offices to shopping centres and bars, only stepping outside to board that crowded bus and only seeing light running from one tube station to another before being submerged into darkness all over again. This outside yoga class is the perfect way to get some sun on your face, feel the breeze and get tuned back in with the outside world.” Read more

Southwark Weekender

by Laura Burgoine

“Throughout the summer Frank’s café hasn’t just been home to hipsters on nights out; scores of yogis have been rolling out their mats on the multi-storey carpark rooftop each weekend, lead by yoga teacher Lucy Bannister.” Read more…

Daily Secret, London

“Could this be right? We had our yoga mats furled under our arms and had followed our scout’s directions to the letter, but instead of a group of ooming yogis, we could only find brooming motors. Confused, we continued up to the top level of the car-park, through a door and there they were – saluting the sun right under the sun!” Read more…

Project Hot Bitch blog

“Dru Yoga seems to be all about restoration and inclusiveness. Movements are slow, deliberate and therapeutic, and focus is very much on establishing a mind-body connection to enhance overall feelings of relaxation. You are encouraged to reach the stage you are able to, working with and accepting your abilities, rather than fighting your natural capabilities, trying to show off, and slipping a disc.” Read more

Fashercise blog

“Our first class was a couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday. We headed to a carpark in Peckham at 9.30 am and it was raining. Hard. So much for rooftop yoga…. However, we had a pleasant surprise, first of all the class was almost full and this was clearly a testament to the class teacher, Lucy Bannister. As it was pouring down with rain, we practiced on the lower level, and something has to be said of someone who can bring warmth and joy to a carpark in Peckham!” Read more…

Duns on the Run blog

“I’d gone to the classes out of sheer intrigue, and continued with them because I enjoyed slowing down a notch from my usual Vinyasa yoga practice and practicing with Lucy was great fun, and then the slower nature of the classes also served as an extra way to help recover from my achilles injury. But trying out yoga in a new environment didn’t just help my mind slow down amidst the usual chatter and help my injury rehab, it also made me fall in love with London all over again.” Read more…

Be a Londoner

by Elise Dherbomez

“Selon Dru World Wide, cette «yogastyle» a des milliers de praticiens dans 31 pays. Après une heure de pratique sur le toit de Peckham, nous comprenons pourquoi. Souriants, détendus, et pourtant emplis d’une vitalité nouvelle, nous sommes conquis à notre tour.” Read more…

Weekend Notes: Fresh Air and Flexibility

by Bryony Harrison

“Lucy Bannister is a qualified yoga teacher who likes to do things differently. First of all instead of teaching regular yoga, she specialises in a form called Dru Yoga, which focuses on releasing blocked energy, relaxing the muscles, and working on spinal flexibility. Like tai chi, the movements are free flowing and designed to reduce stress.” Read more…

Huffington Post: Tried And Tested Wellbeing: Can Rooftop Yoga Ease Back Pain And Reduce Stress?

by Brogan Driscoll

“The class follows Dru Yoga, which is set firmly in ancient yogic traditions and draws emphasis on soft, flowing movements. This teamed with the mixed ability of the class and heat, meant that the class isn’t dynamic enough for my taste – I much prefer the strong Hatha-based postures in Bikram and the speed of Vinyasa flow.
But while Dru Yoga may not be for me, the benefits are said to include increasing energy levels, easing back pain and reducing stress.
The class teacher Lucy says that she has personally benefitted from its therapeutic nature.” Read more…