Data Protection and Teaching Online

An online course for yoga, Pilates and fitness teachers

Do you know what GDPR is? Are you compliant with data protection laws when teaching yoga online? Do you have the relevant policies for data protection and health and safety?


Just wanted to say your GDPR online course was excellent and so very informative, thank you – Palvinder Kaur, Dru Yoga teacher

An overview/refresher on data protection and other policies that you MUST adhere to as an independent yoga, Pilates or fitness teacher.

As a yoga, Pilates or fitness teacher you are required to adhere to the EU data protection regulations, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Previously you may have been exempt from some aspects but if you are newly teaching online will have obligations that you might not have considered.

This short course offers a step-by-step guide on how to comply with GDPR and create effective, ethical policies for your yoga, Pilates or fitness business.

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What will you get when you purchase this online course?

This short course will take you through the following?

  • What is GDPR/Data Protection
  • What ‘data’ is included in GDPR in relation to a yoga teacher’s business
  • Your checklist of tasks to comply with GDPR
  • How to ensure your mailing list is GDPR compliant
  • What a privacy policy is and where to put it
  • What information you can collect from your clients and how to store it
  • How to create an information audit for your yoga business
  • What other policies you should consider having as a yoga teacher

This course will help you to stay informed and run an ethical yoga business.

Who is this session for?

This is either an introduction to, or a refresher of, data protection and other policies specifically relevant for an independent yoga, Pilates or fitness teacher’s business. There will also be crossovers for those working in holistic healthcare and wellbeing, and teaching in studio or corporate settings

Who is your trainer?

Lucy has been running a successful yoga business for over 9 years, combining in-person teaching with digital technology. She has trained numerous yoga teachers to move through the fear of using technology with her no-nonsense, simple and jargon-free approach.

She originally ran this training in April 2018, prior to GDPR becoming law. Since then she has supported hundreds of yoga teachers to prepare their business properly so that they adhere to data protection laws and run ethically.

She is presenting this as a yoga teacher and digital mentor, to fellow yoga teachers. She is NOT an information data specialist or legal expert. This information shared is solely based on her own research into this regulation and how to apply it to a yoga teacher’s business.

How is this course delivered?
Originally a live workshop session delivered using Zoom, the course includes a recording of the workshop along with template documents to help you create your own policies and information audit.

You will have access to the recording of the workshop and accompanying documents until 12 January 2022

More about Lucy and her online courses

Lucy’s approach to training is a no-nonsense, simple and jargon-free journey through using digital tools.

Lucy, who has been teaching yoga for nearly 10 years, has trained numerous yoga teachers how to move through the fear of using technology and move forward with confidence. You might even surprise yourself and enjoy working online!

I really enjoyed the course. As someone who is not naturally tech-savvy I found Lucy’s presentation really clear, engaging and accessible. Lucy made the experience fun and relaxed as well as informative. I came away feeling empowered and excited about the potential for developing my online yoga offerings further with more confidence. – Paula Hines, U Can Yoga

This is training that blends technical expertise and with heart-led, soulful approaches to working online.

I cannot praise your teaching style highly enough. You are inclusive, welcoming, accessible, informative and generous – you respond to live questions, you empower and enable all who attend which covers a huge variety of confidence and skill levels. Just a joy to be part of one of your workshops. – Lula Garner, Heart Light Wellbeing

What's the cost?

A one-off payment of £10.

Access to the course is available until 31 March 2022

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Let me demystify it all so it's simple and easy to run your ethical yoga business

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