Yoga won’t fix this, so what will?

A sign in a shop window says 'Dear customer, Thank you for your support during this time. I am now having to shut. Please stay safe everyone. Much appreciation.' And a closed sign hangs below it.

Lockdown, Circuit Breaker, Tiers, Electoral Colleges, Furlough. None of those words were on the tip of my tongue this time last year. Yet I am pretty sure they all featured in my dreams last night.

You don’t need me to tell you how difficult things are. How challenging to navigate our personal and political selves in the midst of a world that looks very different to the one we have lived in up to this point.

It’s confusing, overwhelming. 

People are grasping for answers, floundering in conspiracy theories, feeling unheard and abandoned. 

The inequalities and inequities of our deeply racist societies are being laid bare by American politics but are all too real here in the UK as well. Deep down we know that even if Trump goes, the rot that he represents prospers on.

Climate change is pressing on, regardless of our human dilemmas and predicaments

Yoga won’t fix this.
But YOU can. 

We are at “… a critical moment, a choice point. And that’s where it feels we are now: at a turning point in the disease of modern Western civilisation. A turning point, rather than an end point.” – Sharon Blackie, Becoming Who We Are.

Whilst we have homes to look after, jobs to keep, businesses to pivot, kids to feed and school ‘bubbles’ bursting we also have a chance to take this moment and make it into a new path for our world. 

This is an opening to do the internal work on anti-racism, an opportunity to make changes in how we act in the world and the decisions we make. 

“For some of us, stepping forward will take courage. We might wonder if we’re ready, if we know enough. We probably don’t, and I’ve always believed that a little honest humility is everything. None of us has all the answers. But we each have a little piece of the puzzle, and together we can make a whole. Because we can’t do this alone”
– Sharon Blackie, Becoming Who We Are

We need help to turn this ship.
We need to rest.
We need recovery.
We need support.

And we need to breathe.
Perhaps even more importantly, we need to understand ourselves well enough to allow others to breathe.

At the risk of wearing it thin, I return again to these words of Audre Lorde:

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare,”

You are here

Because you are here, reading my yoga blog I’m going to take a punt that yoga might be something you turn to for your self-preservation.

Yoga isn’t perfect. It is mired in a history of colonialismabuse and patriarchy.

But despite this, its ability to give us courage prevails. It offers solace. Space. Movement. 

It gives us a chance to check inwards. 

But, yoga at home? 

Yoga at home, online, might not look or feel like it used to in classes. 

One day your practice might be full of thoughts, to-do lists and surrounded by wet washing, piled up furniture and on a carpet that really needs hoovering.

Another day it might be interrupted by the dog, the cat and an over-enthusiastic and easily bored kid.

Or it might be empty, silent. A space that used to be social is now a solo activity. 

But in that space appears connection. Connection to courage and determination. Finding a fierceness to move forward that you never knew you had in you.

This is what will help

Finding the audacity to see the beauty in our world. Finding the wild within yourself that keeps you moving into the unknown.

For what its worth, I will be weaving all of that into my yoga and below I lay out the simple ways you can access what I have to offer, along with some lockdown offers.

It is my sincere hope that you carve a path that keeps you on track, whether that’s with me or another soul-led business, like the one’s featured in my newsletter.

Yoga won’t fix this, but together we can walk forward.

If you would like to join me online for yoga here are three simple ways to do that.

online yoga live, recorded and on-demand from Lucyoga

Live Saturday Morning Classes

Join me for a session THIS WEEKEND, Saturday 7 November.

I lead Saturday morning classes every other week, blending Dru Yoga and Yin Yoga, with a disco-dance break in the middle.

Sessions respond to our inner and outer worlds and in November and December will focus specifically on finding strength and light as we navigate lockdown and winter.

And if you take out the On-Demand PLUS package you get the class for FREE! 

Online Yoga: On-Demand: LOCKDOWN OFFER!

My On-Demand subscription is available to buy RIGHT NOW! Each month you get access to an exclusive library of yoga classes and shorter yoga sessions. You can practice them whenever and wherever suits you, as often or as little as you like.

And for the length of the lockdown in England, I am offering the On-Demand package for ONLY £10.

This will apply to anyone (whether you have a subscription already or not).

The Lift-Up no-cost pass is always available to anyone who needs it. 

Join the Weekly Yoga Club!

Pay for your classes in a block and come to a live session every Monday morning at 9:30 OR use the catch-up recording to practice in your own time.

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