News on re-opening and introducing Yin Yoga

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How are you doing? Some days (most days) when a friend pops this message over, I am not sure what the answer is! The truth is that I’ve never been here before, this feels like pretty much all new territory, so my brain is trying to navigate a LOT, and that’s tiring. 

Re-opening of gyms and yoga studios

This week the Government announced that yoga classes can resume indoors from 25th July, but with a very extensive list of physical distancing and hygiene measures. 

I already knew that my venues aren’t ready (or able) for re-opening, and nor am I. In fact, I have decided to stay online for now.


The theme for this week’s class is balance and one-pointed focus. There’s so much to take in at the moment, and you might be excited at resuming activities or feeling overwhelmed by that and what it means. So the class is about simply being, in one place, with your body and your breath.

In this week’s class I introduced Yin Yoga – a yoga that asks for you to simply be still, and to sustain a focus on one posture for around 5 minutes. 

Yin Yoga is slow yoga that brings meditative awareness to the body, it’s a practice that doesn’t require anything other than a willingness to create a little time and space for your body to just be.

August Pause

August is going to be my time to recoup. The last few months have been really hard work and I am going to practice what I preach and give myself some time to rest, do yoga and be with my son. 

I will also be switching off all my social media and email – don’t worry you can still access my online resources, I just won’t be responding to messages!

On-Demand Access to Classes

My new on-demand super-duper package is ready and waiting for you!

For just £10 you will get access to a package of yoga classes and videos until 7 September 2020.

What will you get?

  • Two 75-minute yoga classes suitable for mornings/daytime
  • Two 75-minute yoga classes most suitable for evenings, but can be practised anytime
  • Find Your Inner Fire: 70s Rock Yoga with Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who… (45-minutes)
  • The Healthy Back Sequence (20-minutes)
  • Short Relaxation (10-minutes)

In peace, health and compassion
Lucy x

“When there’s something we have to do, it can be really hard to pay attention to just that one thing. It’s not easy to focus our minds on something without getting distracted. But with practice, our minds get better and better at it.”

– Kira Willey, from Breathe Like a Bear; 30 Mindful Moments for Kids to Feel Calm and Focused Anytime, Anywhere

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