Teaching Yoga Online Course

An online course for yoga teachers

This short online course takes you through getting started, and improving your set up, for teaching yoga online.

But only until 21 DECEMBER 2020! EXTENDED UNTIL 31 MARCH 2021! After that this invaluable course will no longer be available to view.


“The way you talked through everything in a logical, down to earth, and clear way – I can’t thank you enough as I’m not very tech minded and need to take it a step at a time. Definitely would recommend everyone for your courses.” – Gill Hughes, Dru Yoga Student Teacher

Lucy’s approach to training is a no-nonsense, simple and jargon-free journey through using digital tools.

Lucy, who has been teaching yoga for nearly 10 years, has trained numerous yoga teachers how to move through the fear of using technology and move forward with confidence. You might even surprise yourself and enjoy working online!

This is training that blends technical expertise and with heart-led, soulful approaches to working online.

“Your presentation was brilliant Lucy! With heaps of practical advice, and you make what may be just an idea of a YouTube channel into a real possibility. I LOVED how you share your experiences, demystifying the Pitta way of thinking it needs to be perfect, really made me feel settled. I got me to see the value of creating videos for my students and the benefits to the future of my yoga business. You’re a star Lucy “ – Karan Walsh, Yoga Therapy Cheltenham (after my YouTube for Yoga Teachers course)

Buy the Teaching Yoga Online course NOW and have access to this incredible resource immediately

Purchase ALL the how-to videos and the guided workshop and get started right away with teaching yoga online!

My mantra is 'progression not perfection'.
Get started on your online yoga teaching right now.

Learn the basics of Zoom

Step-by-step videos to walk you through setting up your Zoom yoga classes and then learn how to take the next steps

Get your set-up just right

Find out about what equipment you can buy so that you can easily offer professional online yoga classes

Which platform should you use?

Be empowered by knowledge of the different options for online teaching, so you can make informed choices

Record and share your classes

Find out how to record and sell your online yoga classes

Think strategically

Approach your online yoga teaching with a fantastic strategy so you can make the best of your time and energy

Create a sustainable yoga business

Get ideas for how to make your online yoga business sustainable and successful!

What will you get when you purchase this online course?

  • Recording of the two-hour Teaching Yoga Online using Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube workshop run on Zoom on Monday 21 September 2020. The workshop focuses on why you would use each platform and strategies for using them, along with practical tips and tricks
  • One month membership of my Mentoring Circle, so you can ask questions and gain access to further training and information

Plus step-by-step video walkthroughs to guide you through the technical set-ups for your online teaching, including:

  • How to schedule a recurring yoga class on Zoom
  • Recording your classes on Zoom and how to share them with your clients
  • How to use music on Zoom
  • Using better quality equipment such as an external microphone, webcams and lighting
  • Using Zoom to take class registrations
  • Scheduling a Facebook Live
  • Using Instagram to run a live class
  • Going live on YouTube

What's the cost?

A one-off payment of £25.

Buy now and have access to this incredible resource immediately

Purchase ALL the how-to videos and the guided workshop and get started right away with teaching yoga online!

Teach yoga online

Buy Teaching Yoga Online Now

GET A FREE MONTH! Mentoring Circle Membership

When you purchase the Teaching Yoga Online course you get your FIRST MONTH FREE in the Mentoring Circle, which includes

  • Live Q&A sessions with me twice a month via Facebook Live
  • Weekly tips for digital and social media to keep you moving forward in your business
  • Monthly Coffee and Chat networking sessions via Zoom to meet other yoga teachers and share experiences
  • Generous discounts for my online courses, workshops and 1-1 mentoring
  • Access to the Facebook group for ad-hoc questions and peer support
  • Retain access to the Lucyoga online courses you’ve purchased for as long as you are a member of Mentoring Circle

The cost is then only £10 per month, which means you can keep costs low but your business can thrive. Mentoring Circle is a great way to build a support structure for both you and your yoga business.

You can also join the Circle by simply purchasing your membership here and following the instructions in your joining email.