YouTube for Yoga Teachers

An online short course for yoga teachers

This short online course takes you through the steps you need to set up a YouTube channel as a yoga teacher.

But only until 27 July 2020! After that this invaluable course will no longer be available to view.

Lucy’s approach to training is a no-nonsense, simple and jargon-free journey through using digital tools.

She’s been running a successful YouTube channel ( for over seven years and has had tens of thousands of views on her yoga videos.

She has also trained numerous yoga teachers how to move through the fear of using technology. Her style of training is one that blends technical expertise with heart-led, soulful approaches to working online.

My mantra is 'progression not perfection'.
Get started on your YouTube journey right now.

Create a YouTube channel from scratch

Learn step-by-step how to create a branded YouTube channel for your yoga business

Make videos at home

Learn how to make your own yoga videos using the equipment you already have at home

Teach yoga to camera

Feel empowered to teach yoga to a camera, and learn how to protect your energy when teaching online

Edit and upload your videos

Step-by-step guides to show you how to edit and upload your videos to YouTube

Think strategically

Approach your online teaching with a fantastic strategy so you can make the best of your time and energy

Get more subscribers

Learn how and why sharing your videos on YouTube can help your yoga business

What will you get when you purchase this short course?

  • Recording of the two-hour Setting Up and Running a YouTube Channel for Yoga Teachers workshop run on Zoom on Monday 27 April 2020
  • A quick overview of why having free videos publicly available may help you to increase your business revenue
  • Membership of my private Facebook group, so you can ask questions and gain access to further training and information

Plus step-by-step guides on:

  • Creating a new YouTube channel
  • Creating a second or additional YouTube channel
  • Uploading videos from a computer to your YouTube channel
  • Uploading videos, or recording directly from, the YouTube smartphone app
  • Editing videos using the YouTube Studio editor, adding titles, descriptions, disclaimers, tags and thumbnails
  • Adding an End Screen
  • Adding information Cards
  • Deleting an unwanted YouTube channel

What's the cost?

A one-off payment of £15.

Be quick! Access to this incredible resource is only available until 27 July!!

This series of how-to videos and a guided workshop are all ready for you to get started right now. But it's only available until 27 July