Dru Yoga and healthy backs

Dru Yoga is amazing for maintaining a healthy, pain free back. It was one of the main reasons that I became a Dru Yoga teacher. I have had both acute and chronic back pain since I was 16 and it is a big part of my family history, with severe back …

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Create an online client registration form for yoga classes with Google Forms

Do you need your clients to give you information about themselves prior to coming to a yoga class or a therapy treatment? A really easy way to do this is to create an online form that sits on your website, so your new client can easily find it and send you the details you need without lots of emails or paper changing hands.

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It’s never the wrong time to make time for yoga

Making time. Wouldn’t that be good, if we could make time? We could fit in all the things we want to do in a week! When your life gets busy what’s the first ‘good for you’ thing to go? Do you start eating your lunch at your desk? Do you miss your …

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Set your goals for the new year with Dru Yoga

Setting goals at the start of a year is an age old way of pushing us forward into the year ahead. But it can be daunting trying to achieve the targets we set for ourselves, and many of us fall at the first hurdle and see the rest of the list slipp…

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Yoga for Christmas time: Utkatasana – Chair of the Heart

As Christmas kicks-in it’s easy to forget about keeping up with your yoga practice as the temptations of chocolate, TV and alcohol take over. With this in mind I have blogged about keeping fit over the festive season for London Rockin’ Rollers rol…

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Omline: making the best of your online presence as a yoga teacher

Unless you are very lucky and have classes that fill themselves, you will be familiar with the need to market your Yoga business to new students. Having an online presence is a good way to do this, especially if you are teaching in a big city wher…

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My path to Dru Yoga: a 10 year anniversary

This September the world will remember the terrible events of September 11 2001 as we mark its 10th anniversary. But September 11 2011 will also mark a personal anniversary for me. 10 years ago, when I was just 23, I developed Shingles in my face …

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