My path to Dru Yoga: a 10 year anniversary

This September the world will remember the terrible events of September 11, 2001, as we mark its 10th anniversary. But September 11, 2011, will also mark a personal anniversary for me.

10 years ago, when I was just 23, I developed Shingles in my face and was subsequently left with debilitating nerve damage in my Trigeminal Nerve.

In the run-up to me developing Shingles my health had been rapidly deteriorating as I worked long hours in a fabric shop and had not fully recovered from my previous job which required me to drive hundreds of miles each week, surviving on a diet of ready meals, caffeine, doughnuts and stress.

The following years are, thankfully, a bit of a blur now. I struggled through for a while, but eventually, the pain beat me down and I had to retreat from my normal life for a year. Even after that the years were dogged with ill health, poor fitness and pain.

So where am I now, 10 years on? I am student Dru Yoga teacher! I am so happy to be marking this anniversary as a fit and healthy young woman. In fact, I am so much better, both physically and mentally, than I was 10 years ago I am now happy to accept the path that the last few years have taken as a way to get me to where I needed to be.

I started out with Dru Yoga when I could hardly walk, using visualisations to build my strength. I had practised yoga since before the Shingles, but when my problems got the better of me I just couldn’t keep up with the classes. Not so with Dru – with Dru there is always a modification so I could find a way to continue my practice no matter how I felt.

Learning that I was no longer defeated by my body and stress took a while, but once I figured it out I started to achieve the stuff my contemporaries could manage, and then a bit more besides. Once I had started moving out of the quagmire I could actually start to make improvements in my core stability, my flexibility, my stamina and my overall health.

I am a different person thanks to Dru Yoga and I have a great passion for passing on the benefits to my students. I know first hand what it can do to improve the body and mind, and I feel like I’ve only just started on my exciting road to complete health and wellbeing.


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