Dru Yoga and healthy backs

Dru Yoga is amazing for maintaining a healthy, pain-free back. It was one of the main reasons that I became a Dru Yoga teacher.

I have had both acute and chronic back pain since I was 16 and it is a big part of my family history, with severe back pain being suffered by both my maternal and paternal relatives.

I have found that through the therapeutic practise of Dru Yoga I have been able to vastly improve the health of my back, but it is an ongoing journey and I accept that I will have to ‘look after’ my back for the rest of my life. This is not a daunting commitment, though, especially not in comparison to the pain I had before.

It was with this personal journey in mind that I booked on to the Dru Yoga Postgraduate Back Care Foundation Course. The four-day course will prepare me for teaching Healthy Back Classes and could in time be part of a yoga therapy qualification.

I’m am very excited that now, returning from my first weekend in a very snowy Wolverhampton, I am going to be able to use the training I have received in my regular classes right away and, on completion of the course, start my own Healthy Back Classes in London.

With yoga fulfilling a key part of the NICE guidelines for the treatment of back pain, and specialists encouraging back pain patients to move as much as possible, Dru Yoga, with its focus on the spinal wave and soft, flowing movements, offers an ideal approach to improving your bad back.

I hope to start Healthy Back Classes soon, if you are interested, get in touch lucy@lucyoga.co.uk.

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