Can’t sleep, won’t sleep? Yoga can help!

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep? Tips for insomnia and bad sleep

Insomina is a brutal condition. Sleep is beautiful, restorative and, all too often in modern life, an indulgence. And those who are getting too little sleep will know only too well how hard life becomes without it. Sleep can be torn away from us f…

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Dru It Yourself: How To Simply Measure Your Hip-Width for Yoga

Measuring feet so they are hip-width apart for yoga and comfortable standing in daily life

Two easy ways to get your feet hip-width apart.

Hip-width apart feet is the basis of Mountain Posture, an incredibly comfortable standing position for yoga and daily life.

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Easy Yoga to Ease Back Pain at Home or in the Office

Man types on a Mac laptop in a cafe. Find relief for computer related back pain with yoga.

Do you have back pain?

If you do, you are not alone. Approximately 80% of us suffer from back pain at one point in our lives or another so I am going to take a punt that many of you will have had to, or will in the future, deal with this problem.

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Cool Down: Yoga Breathing to Cope with Hot Weather

Condensation on a bottle of water

How to Use Yoga to Cool Down

Summer is lovely. 

But sometimes it just gets a bit too much, the heat, especially when commuting, is intense and it can fray even them calmest of tempers.

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VIDEO: Mountain Pose (in the Andalucian Mountains)

Relieve back pain, look taller, feel confident.

Mountain Pose, also known as Tadasana, is a Master Posture in yoga. Don’t be deceived by how simple it is, the benefits are magic!

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