Ease your back pain at work

Cat is a very simple posture, so even when you don’t feel like doing yoga you can manage this one! It frees up the spine and works deeply on the core, as well as building muscle tone all along the spine. 

We work with Cat pose a lot in my classes, usually on all fours but sometimes we do the standing version too. However, it can also be adapted into a very handy back soother when you are at your desk.

Yoga in the office tip!

If you’ve been sitting a long time and your back is aching, it needs to move! Have a drink of water and do the Cat pose in a chair.

  • Sit forward on your chair so both feet are flat on the floor and directly below your knees
  • Rest your arms on your lap
  • Focus on your tailbone and tuck it under curving your spine backwards towards your chair one vertebrae at a time, and then when the spinal wave has reached your head, let your chin drop to your chest
  • Keep your chin down and shift your focus back to your tailbone and push it away, creating a very gentle hollow in your lower back, away from the back of your chair, and lengthening upwards, lifting your chin when the spinal wave reaches your head, and gently letting your head drop back a little bit
  • Keep your head lifted as you reverse the spinal wave and tuck the tailbone under and curve the spine towards the back of your chair
  • Keep going for at least a minute, or longer if you can, to release the spine and allow the fluid to return to the discs.

If you work with your breath – breathing in to lengthen and breathing out to curve back, you will also benefit from feeling less stressed. Win, win!

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