Do you yoga at home?

Slow sign on the road with shadow of person doing Tree posture

The Dru Yoga Earth Sequence is one of the most popular things I teach in my classes. You guys love the flow, the synchronisation of the breath and movement and how the repetition allows the mind to calm down.

The sequence helps to bring you into a centred and grounded state of mind and body, slowing you down and bringing you back to yourself.
It is deceptively strong too, giving a gentle tone to the legs and arms and needing a nice strong core throughout.

Personally I love the Earth Sequence. Particularly if practised outside but as it is winter I shall have to settle for the living room!

And now you can try Earth Sequence at home as I have made a video of the sequence and put it on my YouTube channel, Lucyoga TV.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you hear about all my latest videos first.

  • Alan inglis says:

    Earth sequence and tree outdoors in winter are amazing, despite having to wear hat, scarf, gloves etc……

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