Why You Should be Bovvered About Being Flexible

One of the most common reasons I hear for not going to yoga is ‘I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible’. So let’s debunk that right off – being flexible is not a requirement for doing yoga, it is a benefit of doing yoga!

So now we know that coming to yoga is going to help you improve your flexibility (remember it is about progression, not perfection!) we need to ask the question – am I bovvered? Well, you should be.

Flexibility in the muscles, joints and fascia leads to a whole host of benefits for your entire wellbeing. It’s not just about touching your toes, although that is kind of cool. Here are a few benefits of improved flexibility that you might not have thought of:

You have more energy: when our muscles and joints move easily we have to use less energy on simple tasks. This means we have more energy for other things – like having fun with our family and friends.

Your fitness will improve: a flexible muscle has the potential to be a much stronger muscle. And because day-to-day activities are less tiring you will have more energy so you can start doing other things to help increase your fitness.

You look slimmer and more confident: when the muscles are stretched regularly it becomes easier to stand and hold good posture making you look both leaner and more assured.

You don’t hurt yourself as much: when we are inflexible we can easily pull or strain our muscles doing the simplest of things. Flexibility means these kind of pesky injuries are much less likely to happen.

You look younger: everyone says yoga makes you look younger, but why? Tightening in the muscles and aching joints means you do less, which means all the above benefits are reversed. So by staying flexible, you stay active, and your muscles stay toned.

You can flow with life easier: for me, this is one of the major benefits. When my body is stretched and flexible I find it easier to roll with life – whether that is dealing with an unexpected crisis or being spontaneous and heading off on an adventure.

So is that enough motivation to try and change from being the guy on the right to the one on the left!?


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