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How the On-Demand package works (FAQs)

How does it work?

Each month I will update the videos on this page.

The videos are all password protected. You will receive an email with the current password as soon as you purchase your membership so that you can get started right away.

You will then receive an email with a new password on the 11th of each month, for as long as your membership remains active.

It is the SAME password for every video and it is case sensitive.

How can I keep in touch with you?

If you have any questions arising from your practice or wish to talk to me about it, please email me on This includes feedback on the yoga, whether it is meeting your needs and special requests for specific postures, sequences and themes.

I’ve also set up a dedicated Facebook Group for On-Demand and Weekly Yoga Club members. This is an optional extra, so no worries if you don’t want to use it, but it’s a very friendly space if you do!

Special features of the On-Demand Yoga

Introducing yoga classes that you can tailor for your needs

One of the really exciting features of the On-Demand Yoga is that the full-length classes can be tailored to your own needs using a feature called Chapters.

The Chapters mean that you can tailor the class to suit YOUR needs on any given day. You could do the whole class as it was originally taught, or you can break it up.

For example, if you are feeling tired or have fatigue you could just do the chapters that are gentle and relaxing. Or if you are looking for a more active practice you could do the more dynamic chapters only.

Under each video that features Chapters, I’ll suggest ways to tailor your practice but you can make your own choices! Take control of your yoga practice and your wellbeing.

How do I find the Chapters?

Chapters are a feature in Vimeo (the service I use to share my videos here). To see them you need to hover over or click on the video (after you have entered the password) until you can see the playback toolbar along the bottom.

On the right-hand side, there is an icon that looks like a bullet-point list. Click that and you will be able to see the chapters. Simply click on the chapter to play the video from that point on.

This image shows the chapters in an example Vimeo video.

Screenshot of a video in Vimeo showing how to access the chapters in a video

How Should I Prepare for Yoga?

Getting ready

One of the lovely things about online yoga is that you can practice in the comfort of your own home. It’s especially nice if you can take a little time to create a special space for your yoga practice.

Here are some tips for creating a yoga space for online yoga.

  • Position your screen somewhere you can see it easily from your yoga mat
  • Use books or other things from around the house to prop any smaller devices up so they don’t slip down
  • Have a clear area around you where you are practising so you aren’t going to crash into things, or have doors opened on you, etc.
  • Ask others in your house (if there are any) that you’d like a bit of time for yourself and to not disturb you (you can ask, at least!)

Other things you can do:

  • Use the biggest screen you can. Can you connect your laptop to the TV? Or can you use your Smart TV to watch what is on your phone?
  • Connect your device to a good speaker. I use music in all my classes so hook up a good speaker for the best sound experience

Preparing your yoga equipment

There are a few things you can get ready to make your yoga experience nice and calm.

Like getting all your equipment together before you start. For full-length classes I recommend:

  • a yoga mat
  • blanket(s)
  • a couple of cushions
    and if you have them…
  • yoga blocks
  • bolster
  • yoga strap (or dressing gown sash, or a tie)
  • an eye pillow (or soft scarf works too)

For a shorter class you might simply need to take your shoes off and just get moving (or lying down!)

More ways to prepare…

  • Consider lighting a candle if you have one
  • Get a mug of water (preferably hot/warm as this is best for you during yoga practice)
  • Wear layers so you can adapt to the different levels of activity
  • Lower lighting is better in the evening but remember, this is YOUR practice so do what suits you.
  • You could even practice in a garden or do your relaxation in bed!


Your classes this month are…

Saturday 16 January 2021 BOOK HERE

Saturday 30 January 2021 BOOK HERE

This Month's On-Demand Videos (11 January - 11 February 2021)

This month we are focusing on nurturing, support and gifting rhythm to our days.

Click on the class title to navigate straight to it, or scroll down and see what takes your fancy.

Remember the password is in your joining or monthly members email, it is case sensitive and the same for every video.

Trio sessions. These can be practised whenever and however you wish but they can also make up a day’s yoga practice, spread across morning, lunchtime and evening to offer a structure and routine to your day.

Yoga for Overwhelmed and Tired People

Keep Moving

Full-length classes. All these can be practised in segments using the chapters, details under each video.


TRIO: Morning

A simple morning practice you can do every day (or ad-hoc on the days you manage it; be kind to yourself!)

A yoga mat is helpful but not essential. I practice this at the side of my bed as soon as I can muster myself from under the duvet.

TRIO: Afternoon

Take 11-minutes in the day for you.

When you are juggling too many things it can be really hard to take a break, but trust me, it helps so much, even if it isn’t perfect.

Equally, if you are alone time can merge and become a bit, well meh, so having a structure to your day can create a lift that carries you through.

TRIO: Evening

Prepare for sleep; get some proper rest.

When we are under a lot of strain, yet there isn’t much to refill up our joy and fulfilment in life, sleep can be really affected. This session is designed to be practised in the evening, as close to bedtime as you can.

By giving yourself just 16-minutes of preparation for bed you can drastically improve the quality and length of your sleep.


A Legitimate Pause (no-props Yin Yoga)

‘We’re human beings, not human doings, and unless we allow ourselves to recuperate, to just be we are no good to anyone.” – Maya Fiennes

Take 22-minutes to just be, to fill up your cup. This is a gentle practice but has movement throughout to help aid feelings of anxiety release from the physical body.


Quick Activations (Indie Rock)

This video is a short session, just 11 minutes long, to use in your day to get moving and shaking out any stress or tiredness.

WARNING! There is one brief swear word at the end of this video. I totally forgot that it wasn’t a live class. Oops.

Want to listen to the playlist again? Here it is on Spotify

Move Your Body Activations

13-minutes of movement to music. An imperfect practice you can do on your own or in the midst of a shambolic household.

Healthy Back Sequence

This video is the Healthy Back Sequence. At just over 15-minutes it’s a handy daily practice for anyone that suffers from back pain.

It can also work well as a morning or pre-bed practice to ease out aches and pains. Daily practice is the key to this sequence working, so use it as often as you can.

All these can be practised in segments using the chapters, details under each video.

Rest, Reflection and Focus: Dru Yoga and Yin with a dance break

This class is 75 minutes long and can be practised as a whole or in sections.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Activations and a dance break
Chapter 3: Energy Block Release 3 for reflection, release and focus
Chapter 4: Reclining Bound Angle Pose (floor-based) and Relaxation

Recorded from the live class on Saturday 19 December.

Examples of how to create your own practice from this class

  1. This is a great class if you need to bring your mind and body back into focus. If you are overwhelmed, tired and short of time you can use Chapter 4 as a stand-alone session.
  2. For a more physical practice (I find this is useful if particularly anxious and unsettled) you could practice the Activations and Energy Block Release 3 (Chapters 2 and 3) and then finish with Crocodile Pose.

Want to listen to the playlist again? Here it is on Spotify

Determination and Joy: Yin and Dru Yoga with an 80s dance break

This class is 75 minutes long and can be practised as a whole or in sections.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Floor based Yin postures and Dru stretches
Chapter 3: Activations and an 80s dance break
Chapter 4: Dru Yoga Mountain Pose
Chapter 5: Dru Yoga Power Sequence
Chapter 6: Deep Relaxation

Recorded from the live class on Saturday 21 November.
NB The Power Sequence is not suitable during pregnancy.

Examples of how to create your own practice from this class

  1. If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed the Yin postures and the Dru Yoga stretches would be a great way to release some tension and help you move a little more freely (Chapter 2). If you are very stressed follow it with the Relaxation (Chapter 6)
  2. If you’re looking for a more physical practice you could use Activations, Mountain Posture and Power Sequence, and follow it with the Deep Relaxation (chapters 3 through to 6)
  3. If you need a break in the middle of the day you could just do the Activations and Dance Break (chapter 3).

Want to listen to the playlist again? Here it is on Spotify

Grounding and Joyful: Yin and Dru Yoga with a dance break

This class is 75 minutes long and can be practised as a whole or in sections.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Simple floor-based Yin postures to help setting stress and overwhelm. These are particularly good for fatigue and would be a great pre-bed, or morning practice.
Chapter 3: Activations and a chance to move freely to music
Chapter 4: Earth Sequence into Fearless Flight to release stress and bring in feelings of courage
Chapter 5: Tree of Transformation to help take back your self-worth and power from feelings or situations that have been unhelpful to you
Chapter 6: Deep Relaxation

Recorded from the live class on Saturday 5 December

Examples of how to create your own practice from this class

  1. If you have fatigue, Long Covid, or need to soothe a rattled nervous system I recommend using the first section of floor-based Yin Yoga and then the Deep Relaxation.
  2. If you’re looking for a shorter, standing practice you could use Activations (Chapter 3) through to The Tree of Transformation (chapter 5). I highly recommend including the Deep Relaxation but you could also use Crocodile posture at the end of the practice instead.
  3. If you want a pre-bed practice you could use the Yin Yoga in Chapter 2 and/or the Deep Relaxation in Chapter 6.

Want to listen to the playlist again? Here it is on Spotify