Friendly yoga

Lucyoga sessions are open to all levels of experience and all bodies. This is an inclusive space for all shapes, sizes and genders. So whether you are totally new to yoga or have been practising for years you are welcome.

Activist Yoga Business

Activism is at the heart of Lucyoga. My activism is primarily in climate action, anti-racism, body acceptance and Queer and Trans inclusion. Yoga is both an opportunity to nurture and sustain our bodies and minds, as well as create changes in ourselves.

Experienced teacher

I share gentle yoga, rooted in Dru Yoga and Yin Yoga traditions. I also work with Reiki and Native Plant Spirit Healing. These tools offer a rich variety of ways to navigate the world and our own bodies.

Changes for life

By helping you to make simple changes yoga can have a positive impact throughout your life, improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Have a Healthy Back

Back problems? I specialise in helping people with back pain. You are welcome to join general classes, or why not join my On-Demand Subscription which includes my Healthy Back Sequence?

Respecting Chronic Illness

If you struggle with energy levels, fatigue, chronic pain and recurrent ill-health you are welcome at my classes. This is a space where you are held and seen. Come as you are.