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Yoga for Change: London Weekend Yoga Workshops, 22 & 23 April 2017

My next weekend of Dru Yoga workshops in London is on Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 April 2017 and the focus will be on Yoga for Change.

Yoga for Change - yoga workshops in London, 22 and 23 April 2017 at Yoga Arch, Camberwell

What is Yoga for Change?

These sessions will explore how to practically use yoga to help you make change. Whether that change is within yourself, your immediate environment, or on a much wider scale related to political and social events. We will work specifically with how to deal with challenging and heightened emotions.

Both sessions will focus on different aspects related to how you can keep yourself healthy and well at times of great change. We will also look at how to let go of negative feelings which can hinder our ability to change, and learn how to progress forward in challenging circumstances.

“Excellent – really powerful, friendly and nurturing. What I needed!” – Karen M

“Gentle, relaxing, supportive and thought provoking.” – Sophie B

“I love the affirmations, which work for me even though I’m very non-spiritual! I also always feel safe and comfortable coming into Lucy’s classes, despite having chronic pain.” – Zoë

What is Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga is a beautiful flowing form of yoga that will help you to relax, unwind and stretch out your body. It can help revive tired muscles, reduce back pain and combat stress. Dru Yoga gives the mind and body much needed rest and relaxation, to help you find a still point in a busy world.

What to expect

The first part of these workshops will focus on physical movements. We’ll work with yoga postures, breathing techniques and visualisations to help us find our inner strength and energy, and let go of stress and anxiety which can hold us back.

We’ll then take an extended relaxation, helped by the movement and stretching we’ve just done, and supported by bolsters and blankets so you can be as comfortable as possible. All equipment is provided, free of charge, so you don’t need to bring anything other than water and yourself!

Yoga bolsters, blankets and blocks ready for a Dru Yoga workshop with Lucyoga at Yoga Arch in Camberwell

The workshops will be completed by a short meditation to help open the mind to new courses of action.

Who can come?

This workshop is suitable for all, whether you are totally new to yoga, have been practicing for years, or anything in between. Think all the benefits of a yoga retreat but with the investment of just three hours on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and without even having to leave London! How can you resist!?

You can combine the two workshops into your own mini-retreat for just £50 or just come to one.

The workshop will be suitable for those with health challenges, who are pregnant or post-natal but it is vital that you inform me in advance if you have any current or chronic health issues, are pregnant or less than 6 months post-natal. Email to let me know.

Two soothing afternoons of grounding and calming Dru Yoga with Lucy

Saturday will be a more restful and restorative session, taking time to relax and release stress after the working week.

London Weekend Yoga Workshops, 24 & 25 September 2016

“Excellent – really powerful, friendly and nurturing. What I needed!” – Karen M

“Gentle, relaxing, supportive and thought provoking.” – Sophie B

“I love the affirmations, which work for me even though I’m very non-spiritual! I also always feel safe and comfortable coming into Lucy’s classes, despite having chronic pain.” – Zoë

The Mysore Studio at The Shala, West Norwood, venue for Lucyoga Relaxation Workshop


Saturday 24 September 2016, Yoga Arch, Camberwell

This Saturday afternoon yoga workshop used some gently energising Dru Yoga to help tap into the body’s sneakily hidden energy stores, finding ways to raise mood, lessen fatigue and get your va va voom back!

The first part of this workshop focused on preparing the body through activations, Dru Energy Block Release Sequences and preparatory stretches. We then worked with a series of postures that helped release the body’s natural energy reserves, in a positive and sustainable way, to help you find a way out of the fog of fatigue and stress.

To finish there was an extended relaxation, to make sure that everyone was topped up with as much stillness and rest as needed to increase natural energy levels.


Sunday 25 September 2016, The Shala, West Norwood

Following the much-loved Relaxation Workshop format, we explored new ways to find stillness and calm. This Sunday afternoon chill-out was all about taking time-out to reset, to feel peaceful and positive.

The first part of this yoga workshop explored deep stretches to release the fascia – “a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilises, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs.” (Wikipedia) – which can often become tight due to physical or emotional trauma, scarring or inflammation. These stretches are gentle but challenging, slowly working to release long held tension in the body.

Following these deep release stretches we focused on Dru Yoga sequences and postures that enable us to feel grounded and secure, to gain perspective on our lives, so that we are not just rushing from one thing to the next.

The workshop, of course, had an extended relaxation at the end to soothe the nervous system and give body and mind deep rest.

Sunday Relaxation Workshop

Sunday 10 July 2016, 3 – 5pm, The Shala Yoga Centre, 1 Chestnut Road, West Norwood

“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.” – Audre Lorde

Continuing with the theme of looking out for yourself, this special Sunday session was focused on ‘me-time’, for YOU. An opportunity to move, stretch and deeply relax before the start of the working week, ensuring that you are putting yourself first, and you feel just brilliant (because then you will be the best you can be for everyone else too).

I ran this with the beautiful assistance of Dru Yoga student teacher and Reiki therapist Danielle Galway.

The focus for this relaxation workshop was not just on proper selfishness, and self-compassion but also how to cope emotionally with the fallout from the political turmoil in the UK at the moment. We are indeed living in interesting times, but that’s not always that easy to cope with, so the session looked at finding your own inner confidence and joy whilst living through changes we cannot directly control.

Halloween ‘Inner Light’ Yoga Workshop in Peckham, London

Saturday 31 October 2015, 2:30 – 4:30pm, Victor’s Lab, Peckham

Lucy and Stu are headed back down to London for a very special afternoon yoga workshop at Victor’s Lab in Peckham. Taking place on Halloween the theme for this afternoon Dru Yoga workshop was how to find your inner light and sunshine, ready for the winter ahead.

Sunshine on a yoga mat at Victors Lab in Peckham, venue for the Lucyoga Halloween Yoga Workshop, 31 October 2015Lucy and Stu led a two-hour session nicely paced for all levels, easing out stiff and tired muscles through movement and breathing techniques, practicing yoga postures and sequences specifically chosen for bringing in more light during the darker months of the year. The session concluded with the simple meditation practice of Tratak, or candle gazing, which helps to stimulate the eyes to absorb as much light as possible, great for when light is in short supply outside.

This was a rejuvenating and relaxing yoga session, suitable for all, but especially beneficial to anyone who finds winter difficult and would like to learn how to tackle feelings of lethargy and tiredness in the winter months.

Dru Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage

Saturday 18 April 2015, 1 – 5pm, Victor’s Lab, Peckham

An afternoon of serenity and peace with Dru Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

“Blissful, relaxing and fun. I spent the rest of the weekend in a happy bubble!” (Georgina)

If you’ve ever had that feeling that all the bits and pieces of life are overwhelming you, that you are carrying too much stress on your shoulders, or perhaps you are just plain exhausted, then this combination is for you. Because we know exactly how that feels, we put together an afternoon that will take you to a lovely, blissful place and at the same time teach you how to stay calm at home.

First participants were able to get muscles and joints limbered up with some invigorating but gentle Dru Yoga, before working with a partner to receive (and learn!) a glorious introduction to Thai Yoga Massage.

Relaxation Workshop: Dru Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage at Victor's Lab, Peckham. Saturday 18 April 1 - 4pm


“Wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon to relieve stress. Beautifully timed.” (Fiona Bell)

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a clever combination of targeted acupressure and applied Hatha Yoga stretches. It is administered fully clothed and in this workshop you will receive, and learn how to give, a simple massage to a friend or partner.

Dotty Lawrence is a “magnificent” Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, and a professional actor. She will lead you step-by-step through a short introductory massage sequence so that you can reap the benefits on the day, and also learn how to share this glorious practice with your friends and loved ones.

Visit Dotty’s Facebook page

“Just lovely and what I needed – a relaxing meditative two hours with a nice surprise treat at the end!” (Jennifer Ferguson)

What is Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga is a beautiful slow and flowing form of yoga that will help you to relax, unwind and stretch out your body. It can help revive tired muscles, reduce back pain and combat stress. Dru Yoga gives the mind and body much needed rest and relaxation, to help you find a still point in a busy world.?

Lucy Bannister is “a fun, easy going and encouraging yoga teacher” who adores the slow and therapeutic practice of Dru Yoga. She will guide you through some of her best loved sequences, to help you forget about everything else. This will be a chance to just be.

“Well thought through and planned, friendly and inspiring” (Janet)

What happened

A relaxation yoga workshop with Lucyoga at Victor's Lab in Peckham, London.The first part of the afternoon featured some gently active Dru Yoga sequences, working to relax and release tension from the body and to help you feel comfortable and at ease.

Then you we split into pairs to receive a simple introductory Thai Yoga Massage sequence. We went through this twice so both people got the chance to give and receive the massage.

Stu will made some of his famous home-made Chai Tea to keep you warm and comforted.


“Urban retreat, brilliant space, yoga with a sense of humour and fun” (Hanna Shearring)

A wonderful afternoon of relaxation and serenity. An urban retreat on your doorstep.

All quotes from feedback given by participants who attended a previous Lucyoga Relaxation Workshops

Beginner’s Guide to Yoga: Saturday 7 Feb – 14 March 2015

Over six weeks we will work through the basics of Dru Yoga covering warm ups, Energy Block Release Sequence One, body preparations and foundation postures. We’ll also try out some easy breathing techniques (Pranayama) and some simple meditation exercises.

The course will be progressive so each week you will learn something new, and you’ll receive an email with some notes and a video after each session to help you carry on at home. If you miss a week the email will help you stay on track.

You can come to my regular classes at the same time as attending the Beginner’s Guide to Yoga so even if you have already started classes this could be a great way to get back to basics and deepen your yoga practice.

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Relaxation Workshop: Dru Yoga and Sound Healing: Saturday 29 November 2014 and Saturday 31 January 2015, 2 – 4:30pm

Victor’s Lab, Bussey Building, Peckham
A soothing afternoon of slow, grounding and calming Dru Yoga with Lucyoga followed by a Sound Healing session with Ineta of White Bird Sounds. Set amongst the sounds of urban London this session will explore how to find calmness and relaxation in a hectic city.

Victor's Lab yoga studio all set up for the Relaxation Yoga Workshop, Peckham, London

“I loved the workshop – it was a great balance of movement, restorative and a great savasana at the end. The sound healing was lovely. The chai and brownie was a great touch at the end.” (Bryony Duckitt)

Wonderful way to spend a Sat afternoon to relieve stress. Beautifully timed. (Fiona Bell)

FREE yoga sessions at Nunhead Bite, 12pm Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 October 2014

I kicked off this year’s Nunhead Bite with open yoga sessions in the middle of Nunhead Green on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

A festival of food, culture and community, Nunhead Bite is run by the Pexmas team, who organise the annual Munch and Pexmas festivals in Peckham.

Munch Festival 2014 in Peckham, London, where Lucyoga ran outdoor yoga workshops to enhance the taste buds and stimulate the appetite for the foodies. Nunhead, London

Munch Festival 2014 © Leanne Dixon Photography

Ales and Asana: Yoga and Beer Tasting, Brick Brewery, Peckham Rye – Saturday 6 September and Saturday 12 July 2014

I ran the second of my 30 minute sessions of lively and fun yoga, including a beer meditation, to enhance taste-buds and build up a thirst. This took place in the sunshine and light rain, to a carefully crafted soundtrack of beer related tunes.

After a thorough stretching and relaxation we were then ready for Ian, the head brewer from Brick Brewery, to guide us through a tasting of his excellent beer selection and explain the beer-making process.

See photos all from Ales and Asana in July and September

Beacons Music and Art Festival, Heslaker Farm, Skipton, North Yorkshire 7 – 10 August 2014

I ran the morning yoga sessions at this excellent music and art festival. We had an incredible crowd of morning yogis, with over 100 folk joining us on the Saturday morning. It was a truly magic experience to be there and share Dru Yoga with so many people. Photos coming soon hopefully but in the meantime check out the playlists.


VoopySport Workshop, Perseverance Works, Hackney Road – 24 May 2014

I ran a 50 minute class as part of VoopySport’s launch workshop.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" Lucyoga yoga class at the Voopy Sports launch day in Shoreditch, London

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” (George Bernard Shaw)

Image above ©Voopygroup 2014

Victor’s Lab Grand Opening – 5 April 2014

I ran a 30-minute taster session at the Grand Opening of Victor’s Lab in Peckham.

Celebrating the opening of Victor's Lab with a free Dru Yoga class

Celebrating the opening of Victor’s Lab

Real Girls Sweat Fitness Workshop – 11 January 2014

I ran a 30-minute taster session at Project HB’s first ever event. It was marvellous and I had a great time introducing the ladies to Dru Yoga, and trying out Boxing Yoga and a Frame Signature class with Ida May. I also met the beautiful nutritional genius Claire Stone and the inspirational Gillian Davis, author of First Time Leader.

Check out the Facebook album of the event

London Rockin’ Rollers Roller Derby Bootcamp, 6 & 7 July 2013 and 9 & 10 June 2012

I ran one hour morning yoga sessions for the attendees of these two day London Rockin’ Rollers roller derby bootcamps. Sessions were tailored to the needs of the skaters – increasing flexibility and strength in the legs and ankles and working on confidence, inner strength and visualising success.

Yoga workshop at the London Rockin' Rollers Bootcamp in Newham, London

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