What my students say

“Gentle, relaxing, supportive and thought provoking.” (Sophie B)

“I found the session really beneficial.  I have tried yoga on a few occasions before but have always found it difficult as, being relatively inflexible, it has always been difficult even to get into a starting position, let alone any further!  This was really easy and progressive, it was focused on the needs of runners and it really felt good afterwards, physically and mentally.  I’m looking forward to this being a regular session now and also looking forward to the undoubted benefits it will bring, not just for running and cycling but for life in general.” (John, Keighley and Craven Atheltics Club)

“I loved the class that I attended on Wednesday – the ambience that you created in that studio was wonderful and I felt very welcome! I enjoyed the class and I was so happy that I could do the majority of the moves, but I was really grateful for the modifications that you made to some of the moves so that I could do them at my own pace.” (RJ)

“I love the affirmations, which work for me even though I’m very non-spiritual! I also always feel safe and comfortable coming into Lucy’s classes, despite having chronic pain.” (Zoë)

“Excellent – really powerful, friendly and nurturing. What I needed!” (Karen)

“I thought it would be relaxing, and I’m a big fan of Lucyoga’s classes anyway – but was actually profoundly moved. It really helped to have these longer sessions as I felt like it went much deeper. It gave me a shift I really needed, and thank you so much!” (Joanna)


“The yoga was fab, really nice and relaxing and so attentive to everyone. Very good for someone like me who is a beginner!” (Heather Deakin)

“Every class of yours I have laughed had fun and improved my practice.” (KD)

“I felt super good after your class! It was the perfect way to start the day, gentle enough, yet highly effective!” (Catarina Riccabona)

“I absolutely loved your session and left feeling both invigorated and calm.” (FE)

“…thanks for another fab session this morning, you south london funky sorcerer of our bodies and souls :)” (Alegria Perez)

“Dru Yoga definitely felt more energising than previous types of yoga that I’ve done. You explain sequences clearly and create such a good atmosphere for the class, the music was perfect. I’d only like the class to go on longer so we could fit in more moves!” (Holly Gable)

“Looks like Dru Yoga is the way to go; to strengthen my back, address any imbalances and get the joints moving more easily. I’m so relieved I’ve found a way forward at last!” (AO)

“I love your classes and have enjoyed both the Covent Garden and the Vauxhall class. I had never done Dru Yoga before your class but really like it, as I find it strengthening for both body and mind which I don’t get from Ashtanga as much. I also think you are a great teacher and you explain the poses very clearly and give a sense of fun and enjoyment in your classes which really helps me engage.” (Laura Francis)

“…practicing with Lucy was great fun, and then the slower nature of the classes also served as an extra way to help recover from my achilles injury.” (Hannah Dunnell)

“I so enjoyed Saturday’s 80s car park hay-filled class 🙂 so thanks again for all your amazing energy. I can’t tell you the difference your class makes to my week.” (Kelly Thompson)

“Lucy’s yoga class in Covent Garden is an absolute wonder. I go in loaded down with stress of everyday life and there’s something just so wonderful about her class that makes me smile, relax, enjoy, this is not yoga as I know it” (Allison Brodie)

“Good to be back at @lucy_yoga this week! Was quicker than usually in my morning #run because of a great #yoga session last night.” (@Matt_Terrington)

“Transformed from a grumpy storm cloud to a fluffy white cirrus by Lucy’s yoga class this evening” (Marie Millward, Project Manager)

“…you’ve got a wonderfully down to earth attitude sprinkled with a good measure of hippy good vibes. Liked it a lot.” (Yvonne Martin)

“For a peaceful mind, a sun-bathed face and well hard #tonedthighs I’d recommend @lucy_yoga on the roof @BoldTendencies. Ohm and oww.” (@eva_rowson)

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the class on Tuesday, I really enjoyed the sun salutations and I slept so well afterwards!” (Minnie Stidolph)

“Really lovely class today – salutations were really grounding.” (Aoife)

“…blessed with a fun, easy going and encouraging yoga teacher in Lucy who made the whole session very enjoyable. I’ve tried many classes and styles and Dru Yoga mixed up some moves which I had not done before which was very good.” (Anthony Wright)

“I always found your class to be a magic cure for everything” (Lisa Holmen, Communications Assistant)

“Thank you Lucy for the amazing class yesterday! It’s amazing how much Dru Yoga lifts up my spirit and re-balance myself, I wish I could have a daily class.” (Moira, Reflexologist)

“Did Dru Yoga tonight with @lucy_yoga at Quaker meeting Hse E17. Flowing, rhythmical postures. Energising & relaxing. Recommend it!” (Jacky, Massage Therapist)

“Great venue and a very good class, thank you.” (Jana)

“Great yoga session with Lucy today thanks! Neck feels more free already!” (Bill Moody, Tutor)

“Lucy’s class was my first experience of Dru Yoga and what a great one it was! I loved the energy releasing aspect of the work and felt a great sense of relaxation and inner calm during the class (that continued for the rest of the evening!) Lucy creates an open, friendly and ‘light’ environment to practice yoga.” (Rebecca Reynolds)

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed your classes and feel it has really helped me.” (Chris)

“Thanks for the class tonight. It was interesting for me to find out what Dru Yoga is all about and I enjoyed it and thought you were lovely! You are very positive and clear and this is so important for a good class. I will be recommending you to anyone who wants to try out some gentle yoga though and I wish you every success. I have no doubt that your classes will be full as you are truly fab!” (Sara, Shiatsu Therapist)

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