Thanks and credits

“No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come” (The Bhavagad Gita)

Lucyoga is supported and strengthened by the talent, generosity and selflessness of many wonderful people. Below I will try to thank those who are helping to build this business. However there are also people I meet every day, sometimes just fleetingly, who give me a smile, a wise word or a challenge that helps me and the business to grow. So thank you to you all, and most of all thank you to my students.

Look and feel

Branding and flyer design:

Business cards:

Photography: and

Website technical help: Rick Harrison

Music logo

I also use some royalty-free music licensed through Creative Commons for my classes. Music kindly created, and permission for use granted, by:

Tsu! on Bandcamp

OurCarbone on Bandcamp

Pitx on CC Mixter

Sr. Privado on CC Mixter


One thought on “Thanks and credits

  1. Allison Brodie

    Lucy’s yoga class in Covent Garden is an absolute wonder

    I go in loaded down with stress of everyday life and there’s something just so wonderful about her class that makes me smile, relax, enjoy, this is not yoga as I know it

    It’s something way better, if you’re thinking about joining you won’t regret it but be warned expect to get addicated, Wednesday can’t come around soon enough….!

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