When you come to a Lucyoga class your session will most often be led by myself, Lucy, or my husband and yoga partner, Stu. Please let me introduce us:

Lucy Bannister | Stu Bannister

Lucy Bannister

lucy-st-paulsI have no physical superpowers or a saintly demeanour. I don’t bend easily. I was not exactly sporty at school (or at any time in my life for that matter). I am not skinny. I have had a lot of problems with my health and I’ve learnt the hard way that having a healthy back is a life-long work in progress. I get my left and right mixed up all the time.

The reason I teach yoga is because I am all of the above.

I ‘found’ yoga when I had nerve damage in my face caused by Shingles at the age of 23. I was looking for ways to cope with the pain. I was pretty impressed by yoga but it took me nearly ten years to get really serious about it. By then I had become very familiar with pain, ill health and generally being more than a bit cronky. Now, I am older, definitely wiser, but I feel way younger!

I have completed a 200-hour fully certified Dru Yoga Teacher Training course, have undertaken a post-graduate module in Dru Yoga for Back Care and am a certified first aider.

My ‘other life’ was in working in contemporary art and Digital Media, my first degree is a BA(Hons) Fine Art : Sculpture from Glasgow School of Art. I still have my own art practice hiding somewhere under my yoga mat! And I also run Om Line Training: Friendly Digital and Social Media Training for Yoga Professionals

Want to know more? Read about my path to teaching Yoga

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Stu Bannister

20140610_151315One day, after coming home from a yoga class, Stu realised that music, which is his foremost passion in life, sounded even better than usual. From then on yoga became part of his life too.

He was introduced to the deeply healing and enriching power of Dru Yoga in 2007 and spent a while in self-study using the Dru Online Studio and DVDs before commencing the teacher training course in 2012. Initially this was to gain a deeper understanding of Dru for his own good, but over the following two years he became keen to pass on his knowledge and experience to help others bring similar benefits into their own lives.

Off the mat, Stu works as an audiovisual technician in art, music and film, as well as being a musician and general fanatic about sound in general, which is something he plans to bring increasingly into his yoga practice and teaching in the future.

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