How is Yoga Important When we Need to Change the World?

Hand emerging from water with a sparkler. How is yoga still important when we need to change our world?

Have you wondered if you should be going to your yoga class, or instead doing something about changing the world? About saving us all from the stupid and hurtful things that are happening?

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Easy Yoga to Ease Back Pain at Home or in the Office

Man types on a Mac laptop in a cafe. Find relief for computer related back pain with yoga.

Do you have back pain?

If you do, you are not alone. Approximately 80% of us suffer from back pain at one point in our lives or another so I am going to take a punt that many of you will have had to, or will in the future, deal with this problem.

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Cool Down: Yoga Breathing to Cope with Hot Weather

Condensation on a bottle of water

How to Use Yoga to Cool Down

Summer is lovely. 

But sometimes it just gets a bit too much, the heat, especially when commuting, is intense and it can fray even them calmest of tempers.

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