The Times They are a Changin

Significant changes are afoot at Lucyoga as we are about to make a big move out of London.

Have you been thinking about making a change lately? Thinking that a life-shift is in order? Perhaps it has already happened and you are trying to work out how best to deal with your new circumstances?

A lot of what we do at my Dru Yoga classes, workshops, courses and retreats is about creating space for change, and having the tools to deal with it when it occurs (whether by choice or not).

Change can cause untold stress as our new circumstances rub uncomfortably against us and cause friction in both body and mind. Yoga and meditation are key to dealing with that change, and most importantly, flowing with it.

All change at Lucyoga

Janet's Foss, near Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales. Image by Paul Tomlin.

For Stu and I (for those of you that don’t know us so well, we run Lucyoga together and are married) we’ve been using our yoga and meditation to work out how to deal with change over the last few months.

After a sudden increase in our rent meant we had to move out of our beloved Peckham last year, we’ve had a lot of discussions about what to do next. It came as an unpleasant shock to be uprooted from our home, to have to relocate to a new area, and accept that we are losing the fight against escalating rent prices, like so many in London.

The move started the discussion about what we really wanted from our lives, our business and our relationship. We considered many, many options for how to bring in the quality of life we craved (time to be in nature, to see our friends and family, to be able to dedicate more time to learning about yoga and meditation), to run the business the way we want to (friendly, affordable, welcoming to all) and to, above all, have a stable and secure family home for us to live in.

If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’

– Bob Dylan

In the end London didn’t win out as being able to provide this for us. So we are swimming on, just as Bob suggests. Yorkshire, our birth county has called us back and we are packing up in July to head back to the sweeping hills and moorlands of home.

We will miss you all

It is with utter sincerity that I say we are going to miss all our beautiful yogis. Whether you have come to one class or a hundred your presence on a mat has meant the world to us. We’ve met so many wonderful people here that I have no idea how we are going to keep in touch with you all!

So you have to keep in touch with us – come to Spain with us on our June or October retreats, come to visit us in Yorkshire (we hope to be running retreats up there as soon as possible – it’s beautiful and only two hours away on the train), and of course PLEASE come to as many classes as you can before we pack up our last class on 4 July. I also hope to be down in London occasionally, running workshops, so stay on the mailing list to get all the latest information.

Classes will continue

I am delighted to say that I have found a wonderful team of Dru Yoga teachers to take on my classes and will be passing on their details very soon. I am not organising Rooftop Yoga Peckham again, but Secret Yoga Club will be running sessions at Bold Tendencies from 30 May, so check out their timetable when it is released.

The rooftop of the multi-storey car park in Peckham, home to Rooftop Yoga Peckham. Image: Charlotte Bland

For now classes continue as normal and all passes are valid. Any remaining credits on valid passes will be reimbursed if they are not used before we leave. Please take a note of the expiry date on your class pass or gift voucher if you have one, so that you are not left out of pocket.


And don’t forget I have LucyogaTV which I keep up-to-date with regular new videos – plenty more to come over the next few months!

Come and say bye

I really hope I will see as many of you as possible in my last few weeks in London, and don’t forget that most Saturdays we head to Small White Elephant for our aprés-yoga brunch, if you want to join us. £5 gets you a hot drink (best coffee in town) and smashed avocado on toast if you say Lucyoga sent you!

Are you changing things too?

And if you are about to embark on a life-change, a new venture, or just a little shift, tell me about it. I’ll be working in some extra tools to the classes between now and July so let me know what you need.

Om Shanti

Lucy and Stu x

Header and first blog image: Janet’s Foss near Malham Cove, Paul Tomlin on Flickr CC 2.0
Second blog image: Rooftop Yoga Peckham, Charlotte Bland 2014

7 thoughts on “The Times They are a Changin

  1. Angela

    You will be so very missed, Lucy and Stu. I am so glad that I found you, Lucy. You are a beautiful teacher and working with you and learning Dru has had such a positive impact on my life. Thank you so much for that. I will definitely be “following” you and look forward to workshops and retreats with you both! BIG LOVE! x

    1. Lucyoga Post author

      Thank you Angela. We have loved having you in the classes and seeing the changes that Dru Yoga has brought about for you. Keep up your practice and we can’t wait to share a retreat with you soon x

  2. Hilary Symmans

    Good luck to you both! Hope to catch up with you in London at some time in the future. Lots of love. You are both really inspiring teachers. Hilary (from Stu’s Dru training course) xx

    1. Lucyoga Post author

      Thanks Hilary, that is so lovely of you. I hope our paths cross again in the future, it would be a real pleasure to see you. xx

  3. Emilie Dadswell

    Lucy and Stu – I’m sorry to hear you are leaving! I haven’t been for a few months due to being away most weekends – I miss it so much! I have had the most delightful time coming to your classes, it has taken me years to find the right one and just as I have, you’re off. I’m sure you will be up and running and amazing in Yorkshire in no time! You’ll be missed I am currently on the waiting list and hoping someone drops out on Saturday so I can come to one of the last classes.

    Emilie xx

    1. Lucyoga Post author

      Hi Emilie

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It’s so hard to say goodbye to you all! Plans are forming for our first retreat in Yorkshire – I hope you will be able to come and join us for one of these, they promise to be very special weekends.

      Hope you get in on Saturday

      Lucy xx

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