Yoga is for life, not just for January!

A new year, a time when we tend towards reflection and think about things being ‘better’ than the year before.

I’m always looking for ways to have more fun and do less work (who isn’t!?) and as part of my mission to get the balance right, my goal for 2015 is to focus a bit more on me. I want to make sure I am more robust in dealing with the stresses and strains of life in London, and so I can take more time to enjoy life.

Read on for some tips on setting goals for 2015…

Everyday Matters

Everyday Matters Diary 2015, for sale in the Lucyoga ShopA lovely friend gifted me a beautiful diary to help me with my mission – the Everyday Matters Diary. I am going to use it to inspire me to take more time out each day to do something for myself. As I so often say in class, you have to look after yourself in order to be the best you can be. 


What are you doing for you in 2015? 

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? 

The dark, wet months of January are a tough time to start new things, so ease yourself in with a mind to powering up your targets in spring time when it is a more suitable time to see new growth in your life.

A fellow Dru Yoga teacher and friend, Rachael from well-being specialists Aspire to Be, has some great advice which I shared a couple of years ago and still holds true:

  • Set realistic, achievable, unconditional goals
  • Never use goals as a way of punishing yourself for not achieving
  • Write them in the present tense, e.g. “I earn good money doing what I enjoy”
  • Focus on seeing, and believing, they have been achieved 
  • Use techniques such as yoga and meditation to quieten your mind and keep negative and disempowering thoughts to a minimum
  • Enjoy it! Celebrate your successes as you go
Lucyoga Dru Yoga class at Beacons Music and Arts Festival in North Yorkshire, August 2014.

Photo ©Pat Bannon

Why Dru Yoga should be in your 2015 resolutions

I know I am biased but I can’t encourage you enough to make Dru Yoga part of your 2015. Dru Yoga has become an incredible tool for me. I find I can be quite an anxious and stressed person, and Dru Yoga provides amazing ways for me to be able to ease those feelings and flow with life. 

I have also faced a number of health challenges and the gracious and accepting practice of Dru Yoga is fantastic because it moulds and adapts to how I am feeling. If I need a slow and restorative practice, Dru Yoga has it. If I need to power-up and get fit, I can do that too. 

Learn to Relax

Victor's Lab yoga studio all set up for the Relaxation WorkshopIn 2015 I will be running a series of workshops to show these different sides of a Dru Yoga practice, starting with the Relaxation Workshop on 31 January

The Relaxation Workshop will include some movements to help set your goals and intentions for 2015, as well as releasing and relaxing movements, restorative yoga postures and breath work. This will be concluded with a Sound Healing session from White Bird Sounds. Blogger Helen Cranney came to the Relaxation Workshop we ran in November, read her review on the Om Exchange website.

Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Additionally you can explore the basics of a Dru Yoga practice with the new Beginners Guide to Yoga starting on Saturday 7 February.

This six week course will help you build a solid foundation to your yoga practice, working through the fundamentals of Dru Yoga: Activations, pranayama (breath work), Energy Block Release One, body preparations (stretches) foundation yoga postures, relaxation techniques and meditation. More information, and booking, here

Remember, yoga is for life, not just for January!

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