Take some time for peace

Last week was tough. The tears started in Orlando and ended in Batley, just down the road from our new home in West Yorkshire. My Facebook has been full of people saying how they feel that there is a lot of hate and intolerance circulating right now, and we want to do something about it.

So we are calling anyone, anywhere, in the world to join in with a non-religious, non-political, non-denominational mass meditation, tonight (Wednesday 22 June).

Simply join in between 8 and 9pm to send out a lovely wave of light. Take as much, or as little time, as you can spare to focus on peace and harmony, on the eve of the EU Referendum.

Our focus is on the UK during these turbulent times of difficult decisions and divisive campaigning, but do send your thoughts to any place or people you think need more peace and compassion. I know there are many.

And even if you’ve never meditated before, just sit quietly and think some peaceful thoughts. Breathe. Send some calm out into this world.

Join in from anywhere – this is a virtual event and we welcome people from all over the world to participate. If you are at work, or somewhere where you can’t sit to mediate, perhaps you can take a few breaths and send out some positive thoughts instead?

If you are looking for inspiration, or have not practiced meditation before, we recommend this free video of the ‘Be the Change’ meditation from Dru Yoga (opens in a new window):

Dru Yoga Be The Change meditation videoIf you want more ideas and inspiration for how to mediate, and to register your participation, head over to the Facebook event.

We hope that you will join us to create a wave of hope, of compassion and generosity, of inclusion and love to all people.

Lucy and Stu x

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