#Fitin5 and how I’m learning to trust my body

You may have noticed some tweets and other social media updates about something called #Fitin5. #Fitin5 is a high intensity workout set by Hiitgirl Susan Dyson and being championed by Sweaty Betty.

I have decided to join in on the two week challenge and see how I do. But first I want to share why I am doing this, and what it means to me.

I [don’t] trust my body

Those who know me might think it a little unlike me to do something like this, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Well not about the old me, anyway. I didn’t used to trust my body, my energy or my strength anything like enough to do something so demanding. Now I do.

On November 23rd last year I had an operation. It was meant to be a quick day op to remove a lump. It turned out to be a bit more complicated. What they found was much, much bigger than they had seen on the scan.

Dismissed by the doctors…

What had been dismissed by doctor after doctor as being ‘all in my head’ turned out to be all in my abdomen. Well a rather large amount of it anyway. So no it wasn’t anxiety, depression, attention seeking (!), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, phantom pregnancies, or as I had been told since I was 10 – IBS. In fairness it is apparently very rare, certainly for the lump (a remnant of a rudimentary foetal reproductive system that should have dissolved away) to be as big and problematic as it was. I couldn’t even find much about it on Google.

But it explained an awful lot – I knew now why my body, my general health and immune system suffered so much. The years of dogged struggle against such deep seated chronic pain that my brain had stopped recognising the cause and just registered it as deep, deep tiredness. And then there was the acute searing pain each day, which I’d had since I was a child and had become second nature – I thought everyone had it, but apparently not! No wonder Sitting Forward Bends hurt so much.


It’s taken a few months to recover from the operation, and for my body to recover from years of being dragged down by pain. The lump was just one of a number of challenges my health has faced. I have, and will continue to, nurture my mind and body with Dru Yoga, but now I am ready to reap the rewards of years of determination to be healthy.

I have jumped feet first into running my yoga business, giving up the desk job to focus on my teaching. And yesterday I saw a picture of me practicing yoga. It took my breath away – who was that lady with the definition in her arms, legs and torso? Who was that person who could lithely stretch into an extended runner? Surely not me!?

Lucy doing yoga on the rooftop in Peckham

You are strong

I used to hate living in my body, my skin didn’t fit and every touch was painful. Anyone who has had an injury or illness which has taken away their strength and replaced it with tiredness and pain will be able to understand how horrible it is. But now I know I CAN trust it. I can build its strength and I can achieve things I never thought possible.

Having seen how far I have come I want to see if I go a bit further. Taking it easy of course, I’ve not got here without learning to love my body, work with it and listen to it when it says no!

Completing the #fitin5 reps in the park this morning did hurt a bit but it was exhiliarting. I can feel my muscles, not because they hurt, but because they are stretched and strong.

Want to join me? Watch the video and then post your reps below – don’t forget to share them with Sweaty Betty too.

10 thoughts on “#Fitin5 and how I’m learning to trust my body

  1. Lucy Bannister

    My #Fitin5 reps for day one and two:
    Day 1 – Squats – 33, heel taps – 76, press ups – 24, burpees – 14, plank jacks – 26
    Day 2 – Squats – 37, heel taps – 85, press ups – 33, burpees – 18, plank jacks – 30

  2. Lucy Bannister

    Day 3 – Brockwell Lido – Squats – 41, heel taps – 99, press ups – 36, burpees – 15, plank jacks – 50

    (things I learnt – plank jacks are easier on grass in trainers but not good to do in a dress, burpees are ridiculously hard)

  3. Lucy Bannister

    Day 4 – starting to feel the burn 🙁 My reps are dropping on some of the exercises, but slowly increasing on others. Anyway I am sure it is normal process! Squats – 38, heel taps – 96, press ups – 36, burpees – 16, plank jacks – 60

  4. Lucy Bannister

    I have got a bit behind with logging my reps as I have been working up in the beautiful Snowdon Mountain Lodge with Dru Yoga UK. So here goes:
    Day 5: Squats – 41, Heel taps – 115, Push ups – 39, Burpees – 18, Plank jacks – 50
    Day 6: Squats – 41, Heel taps – 108, Push ups – 43, Burpees – 18, Plank jacks – 65.
    Day 7: this was the day when I need to listen to my body, which was saying ‘actually, no not today thanks’. But instead I did a few hours of yoga, went for a 6 mile walk in the mountains and swam in a beautiful lake (so not exactly a cop out). Pictures of these amazing places to follow!

  5. Lucy Bannister

    After an amazing time in the wilds of Ireland I didn’t get any time to log my reps here on my blog. So here goes…

    Tuesday, on a beach in County Sligo: Squats – 41, taps – 98, Press ups – 32, Burpees – 19, planks – 54
    Wednesday, on Naran and Portnoo beach in County Donegal:
    Squats – 52, heel taps – 114, press-ups – 36, burpees – 20, plank jacks – 54
    Thursday, on Tullagh Bay beach in County Donegal: Squats – 47, heel taps – 109, press-ups – 42, burpees – 20, plank jacks – 60
    Friday (final day), in the garden at Derry Independent Hostel: Squats – 52,Taps 125, Press ups – 38, Burpees – 22, Plank jacks- 59

    Will try to post the photos of these locations as they were amazing. Best way to cool down after? A swim in the Atlantic!

  6. Lucy Bannister

    Things I learnt during the challenge…
    – It is really hard working-out on sand
    – Having someone to do the time keeping and encouragement makes a big difference
    – Having a good view is beautiful but a tad distracting
    – You have to listen to your body and make sure you rest if it is hurting
    – It’s good to push yourself to break through fitness barriers
    – Feeling strong is amazing
    – Swimming in the Atlantic after the workout is an amazing cool down (and Brockwell Lido is a good second best!)
    – I couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for Dru Yoga keeping me supple and mentally and physically well.

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