Yoga for Change: London Weekend Yoga Workshops 22 & 23 April

What is Yoga for Change?

These sessions will explore how to practically use yoga to help you make, and cope with, change. Whether that change is within yourself, your immediate environment, or on a much wider scale related to political and social events. We will work specifically with how to deal with challenging and heightened emotions.

Both sessions will focus on different aspects related to how you can keep yourself healthy and well at times of great change. We will also look at how to let go of negative feelings which can hinder our ability to change, and learn how to progress forward in challenging circumstances.

Yoga for Change - yoga workshops in London, 22 and 23 April 2017 at Yoga Arch, Camberwell

“Excellent – really powerful, friendly and nurturing. What I needed!” – Karen M

“Gentle, relaxing, supportive and thought provoking.” – Sophie B

“I love the affirmations, which work for me even though I’m very non-spiritual! I also always feel safe and comfortable coming into Lucy’s classes, despite having chronic pain.” – Zoë

What is Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga is a beautiful flowing form of yoga that will help you to relax, unwind and stretch out your body. It can help revive tired muscles, reduce back pain and combat stress. Dru Yoga gives the mind and body much needed rest and relaxation, to help you find a still point in a busy world.

What to expect

The first part of these workshops will focus on physical movements. We’ll work with yoga postures, breathing techniques and visualisations to help us find our inner strength and energy, and let go of stress and anxiety which can hold us back.

We’ll then take an extended relaxation, helped by the movement and stretching we’ve just done, and supported by bolsters and blankets so you can be as comfortable as possible. All equipment is provided, free of charge, so you don’t need to bring anything other than water and yourself!

Yoga bolsters, blankets and blocks ready for a Dru Yoga workshop with Lucyoga at Yoga Arch in Camberwell

The workshops will be completed by a short meditation to help open the mind to new courses of action.

Who can come?

This workshop is suitable for all, whether you are totally new to yoga, have been practicing for years, or anything in between. Think all the benefits of a yoga retreat but with the investment of just three hours on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and without even having to leave London! How can you resist!?

You can combine the two workshops into your own mini-retreat for just £50 or just come to one.

The workshop will be suitable for those with health challenges, who are pregnant or post-natal but it is vital that you inform me in advance if you have any current or chronic health issues, are pregnant or less than 6 months post-natal. Email to let me know.

Two soothing afternoons of grounding and calming Dru Yoga with Lucy

Saturday will be a more restful and restorative session, taking time to relax and release stress after the working week.


Sunday will be a nurturing session to re-energise and restore balance to the body.


Both sessions will take place at Yoga Arch in Camberwell, will run from 2 – 5pm and cost £30 each. There is a special two-workshop offer where you can purchase both for £50.

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