I won #Fitin5!

A month ago I decided to see how far my body had really come over the last few months and take on a fitness challenge set by Hiitgirl Susan Dyson and Sweaty Betty.

I embarked on the challenge with determination but also a lot of trepidation. As you will see in my previous blog I have had an interesting time with my health for many years.

One key thing I learnt over the years was to not push myself too much as this depleted my energy and healing ability. #Fitin5 was all about pushing yourself. Further, harder, faster than the day before. Yikes.

But I did it. Every day as promised. OK not quite, I had a day off because my lower back hurt but I did a 6 mile walk and a long wild swim instead…but I think that’s pretty good going.

I documented the journey in pictures as well as reps – I took the challenge on holiday with me to the stunningly beautiful hills and beaches of Wales and Ireland, it was fantastic to do my exercises on the beach then dive into the ocean for a refreshing swim.

Below is my photo album of locations, and you can read all my scores in the comments on my initial blog.

Thanks to Susan and Sweaty Betty for setting the challenge and to all those who joined in – the competition was fierce! I am still shocked to have won – I really mean it when I say I don’t think I’ve ever won a sporting challenge before.

Winning aside I learnt that my body IS strong enough, that my resolve is rock-solid and that I do know how to listen to my body well enough to be able to push it a little further each day. So that’s the challenge now – to keep this going. To keep pushing, to keep getting stronger.

Tomorrow I’m off to spend my vouchers and then in a month or so I get to go and join Susan in her new Crouch End studio for a personal training session. I am little bit scared but hopefully Susan isn’t as daunting as her challenges!

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