Dru It Yourself

Going to a Dru Yoga class once a week can be like a breath of fresh air, an opportunity to de-stress, stretch and take some much-needed time out in the week.

But once you start to feel the benefits of Dru Yoga you might want to try some of the warm-ups, stretches or postures at home. This can be incredibly beneficial as a regular home practice can enhance your weekly class and really start to embed the benefits of yoga into your daily life.

You can use the Dru It Yourself videos to support your home practice or you can sign-up to a course that features the postures covered.

Dru It Yourself programme

The D.I.Y programme has been developed to help you to establish a regular home practice. Over a six or eight week term the D.I.Y classes will focus on a specific set of warm-ups, sequences, postures, breath techniques and relaxation. By repeating similar movements each week you will start to become familiar with them, and also gain a deeper understanding of their benefits.

To accompany my courses, each week I one of a set of short online videos, picking up on the focus posture or technique covered in the class. By the end of the course you will have a full set of videos that take you through the key components of a Dru Yoga class. You can either use them all together to create a class at home, or pick and mix according to how much time you have or what you would like to work on.

Want to try Dru It Yourself?

The next course using the D.I.Y structure will be my Beginner’s Guide to Yoga 25 April – 30 May 2015 at Victor’s Lab in Peckham, London.

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Book your own D.I.Y course

If you have a suitable space at home, work, school or in your community I can come and run private D.I.Y sessions for you. Prices start at £50 per session and the D.I.Y course can be tailored to the needs of your group.

To discuss how this could work for you, get in touch

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