Yoga in Bingley: A Walk and Yoga in t’Woods

Next session Saturday 22 September

10am – 12pm*

No yoga mat needed. Advance booking essential.

Join me for a very special Yoga in Bingley. Meeting just before 10am at Amazon Natural Fitness we will head out on a walk into the woods…

Spending time quietly with nature, particularly trees, is incredibly healing. It can help us to bring things into perspective, to feel connected to a bigger picture and to take some much needed time away from electronic devices, cars and general life stress.

Forest Bath

The Japanese recognised spending time in forests actually increases life expectancy due to its stress lowering properties and have created a culture of doing this, calling it a ‘Forest Bath’ (no water involved!). In Yorkshire we would probably call it a meander in t’woods, but either way, it’s great!

A Walk and Yoga in the Woods in Bingley

Outdoor Yoga – Good for the Soul

We will take a nice walk to a special wooded glade I know, where we will do some gentle outdoor yoga. You won’t need a mat and you can choose if you take your shoes off or not! Practicing yoga outside is incredibly special – it helps to make you feel more grounded, more at ease and dissipates anxiety beautifully.

Silent Meditation Walk

After our yoga session (probably 20 – 30 minutes long) we’ll then walk back through the woods in silent meditation.

*The session will probably take around 2 hours, but please leave plenty of time. If you’d like to bring a small picnic to have in Myrtle Park after the walk, please do! Please bring water with you for the whole session. No yoga mat needed.

Advance booking essential. Book Saturday 22 September now

2 thoughts on “Yoga in Bingley: A Walk and Yoga in t’Woods

  1. Ewenee Thorpe

    Thank you Lucy for the walk . A lovely place & a great session of yoga . Looking forward to next week

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