Free yoga in Peckham

Presented by Pocket Places Peckham and Lucyoga

Wednesday 4 September 2013
7am, 8am and 9am

Holly Grove Park, Peckham 
(Next to Peckham Rye Station, behind Rye Lane McDonald’s)

30 minute FREE outdoor yoga sessions. Mats will be provided so you just need to turn up and take part. Dru Yoga is suitable for all abilities, shapes and sizes and you can even wear your normal clothes.

Why #PocketPlaces?

Pocket Places Peckham is a project set up by Sustrans to put unused pockets of land around Rye Lane in Peckham to community use. When I saw this project tweeting I knew I wanted to get involved. It’s aims and ideas align closely to art projects I have undertaken in the past and I still have a real passion for working in what I term ‘orphaned’ spaces – areas of land or buildings that are not exactly abandoned but have lost their sense of community ownership.

Since starting the Rooftop Yoga classes on the top floor of the Peckham Multi-Story Carpark I have become very aware as to how unusual, and special, practicing yoga in an open, urban space is. However a class that costs £9 is not accessible to everyone, and being up high on the roof means we are a bit removed from day-to-day life down on Rye Lane.

Street level yoga

So the scene was set to undertake what Hannah from Pocket Places is calling a ‘provocation’ – trying out alternative ways of using the spaces. Utilising one of the six zones identified during the Pocket Places consultation period I’ll be taking my yoga mats down to street level and offering free yoga classes to whoever wishes to take part.

I am hoping that this will give people who otherwise would not not have thought to try yoga an opportunity to do so. If you are a yoga aficionado then I hope you’ll come along too, to try something new.

Additionally yoga is not something you see round the back of McDonald’s everyday of the week, so this is going to be something a bit different for Rye Lane. I hope that people will stop by and ask about what we are doing and why, and see that this mindful, peaceful practice has a place in the heart of our community.

If you would like to join us then just bring yourself to the small park next to Peckham Rye Station either at 7, 8 or 9am. The sessions will last 30 minutes and I will provide mats (you can bring your own if you wish).

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