Beginner’s Yoga Course

Beginner's Guide to Yoga course with Lucyoga

I loved it! I’ve already been busy recommending it to friends. The environment was open, relaxing and friendly and the teaching was spot on. Lucy was so informative and warm, and the class was a joy to attend. – Sarai

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9 – 10am Saturdays 25 April – 30 May
Victor’s Lab, Bussey Building, Peckham

“The class was well put together and thought out. Stu and Lucy were great instructors, both fun and enthused about the class. It was a lovely venue and a lot of thought went into the class with weekly email for home practice and a great soundtrack. All of which created a very welcoming and friendly space. I would definitely recommend attending!” – Rupert

“Really friendly class. Great atmosphere created by Lucy” – Tue

“It was an excellent course, I feel like I’ve got to grips with the basics and have a better understanding of what yoga is about” – Alex

Want to start yoga but feel you’d like to find out what it is all about first? Would like to take it slow so you can really understand what is going on in class? Prefer to start at the beginning so you can master the basics? Then this is the course for you.

“I was pleasantly surprised – I’d never done it before and I really enjoyed it! It’s been really relaxing and made me think about posture and breathing. I’ve used some of the exercises during stressful times at work! It feels like an encouraging space, so I didn’t feel embarrassed about doing anything wrong etc” – Alison

Beginner yoga course

Over six weeks we’ll work through the basics of Dru Yoga covering warm ups, Energy Block Release Sequence One, body preparations and foundation yoga postures. We’ll also try out some easy breathing techniques (Pranayama) and some simple meditation exercises.

“You are an engaging and patient teacher, and your explanation of each new activation, posture and sequence has been really clear and well demonstrated (by both you and Stu).

We leave every class with big smiles and lots of energy, so thank you for the encouragement (when it takes us a while to master a position) and for making the last few weeks so much fun.” – Greg and Farah

Weekly emails with videos and notes

The beginner yoga course will be progressive so each week you will learn something new, whilst also recapping on the previous session. You’ll receive an email with explanatory notes and a video after each session to help you carry on at home. If you miss a week the email will help you stay on track.

“I was really impressed with both, I use the videos regularly and the emails were always friendly and informative” – Sarai

Enhance your home yoga practice

You can come to my regular classes at the same time as attending this beginner yoga course so even if you have already started classes this could be a great way to get back to basics and deepen your yoga practice.

“This was a really enjoyable class: the smaller size and having Lucy and Stu teaching meant that we got personal advice on how to do postures and the way the course was structured really helped me feel like I was making progress. Loved it.” – Nic

This course has now started and is no longer open for new bookings.

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